BBC One gave Luther and Killing Eve fans the best crossover ever


Have you ever wanted a Luther and Killing Eve crossover? Well, here is what it would look like.

Luther and Killing Eve have two of the most frightening villains, possibly ever. We know them as Alice Morgan (from Luther) and Villanelle from Killing Eve. Now, if you’ve seen either of these shows, you know exactly how evil, conniving, and down-right scary these two women are. And when it comes to murder, it is certainly their forte.

Side note: If you have not seen season 5 of Luther or season 1 of Killing Eve, be wary of spoilers ahead. 

The new year ushered in five new episodes of Luther starring the handsome and dashing Idris Elba as DCI John Luther. Fans of the series wait multiple years in between every season–season 4 came out in 2015. However, this season was absolutely worth the wait because it brought back an infamous redheaded villain–Alice Morgan.

Fans were alerted to this in the season 5 trailer for Luther and ever since then, the countdown was on. On one end we have Luther’s Alice Morgan but on the other, BBC introduced another villain that has caught the attention of many–Killing Eve’s Villanelle. Having watched both shows, I know am absolutely dying to see a series centered on the two of them.

And I’m not the only one, fans have been urging BBC to give us some sort of crossover, anything. And in their own little way, they delivered. BBC One released a clip on social media that shows Alice and Villanelle deep in conversation talking about, well, murdering people. Check it out below!

While Luther has released its fifth season, Killing Eve is gearing up for its second season. After all the critical acclaim, it comes as no shock that the turnover for season 2 is so quick. The U.S. has a premiere date, however, the U.K. date has not yet been released.

If you haven’t seen season 1 of Killing Eve then this is another reminder about season 1 spoilers that are to follow.

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Season 2 is going to pick up right from where season 1 left off–that cliffhanger, though! Eve has quite the task ahead of her, and she isn’t the only one pursuing the mission she’s on. Ahh, who else is excited about the second season?

Check back with us for a season 5 U.S. premiere date for Luther and for updates on Killing Eve’s second season. Also, what did you think of the clip above? Because we are so here for it!