This is Us season 3, episode 10 recap: The Last Seven Weeks


This is Us explored what we missed for the last seven weeks, and let me say…get your tissues ready.

This is Us has returned from its winter hiatus!

The episode was structured differently than its usual present day/flashback model. In the beginning, it’s election night for Philadelphia’s District 12 and Randall’s whole family (minus Kate and Toby) and campaign staff are at headquarters awaiting the results of his run for councilman. Spoiler alert: Randall wins the election!

Beth is there, which means she somehow made up with Randall. Zoe breaks up with Kevin, even though the last time we saw them, they were in a good place. And Kate is crying (in California), and Toby can’t seem to calm her down.

What the what is going on here?

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Seven weeks earlier

It turns out we are watching a flash forward of seven weeks from when the fall finale left off.

Randall slept on the couch and Beth is not only still pissed at him, but she’s also surprised that one night on the couch didn’t deter him from staying in the race.

Kevin and Zoe return from Vietnam. When Zoe refers to Kevin’s loft as “home,” Kevin asks her to move in. You can tell she isn’t as thrilled as Kevin, but she reluctantly accepts his house key with the Uncle Jesse key chain.

Kate decides it’s time to convert their second bedroom into a nursery. But that means all of Toby’s childhood toys have got to go.

Five weeks earlier

Randall and Beth are drifting further apart, so much so, he’s spending nights in the campaign office in Philly. He’s also putting pretty much all his energy in his campaign.

Kevin and Zoe head to the Department of Veterans Affairs to try to get information about his uncle, Nicky. But the clerk informs them that they need a letter from a congressman to unlock the files. Luckily, Zoe used to date one!

Kate mistakenly sold certain toys of Toby’s that were basically irreplaceable. Um, hello? How did Kate not think Star Wars action figures were something of value? Toby is devastated. These are the toys that got Toby through his parents’ divorce. They mean a lot to him and he wanted to pass them down to his son. Poor Toby!

Three weeks earlier

It’s Christmas week. Randall is on one of his many treks back from Philly. Saul Brown, his opponent, is on a radio show taunting him from afar, pointing out the fact that Beth hasn’t been seen on the campaign trail but that his wife is 100-percent supporting him. “He’s a family man without a family!” Ouch. This causes Randall to fight with Beth, in one of their worst. It was uncomfortable to watch my favorite couple at such odds.

Kevin and Zoe meet with her “friend” the congressman, and it’s very clear that they didn’t end on good terms. Sure, he’ll help them out, but Kevin wants to know why he seemed so upset with Zoe. It turns out, they dated for two years, and she broke up with him through email. Kevin is shook.

Two weeks earlier

It’s New Year’s Eve. Randall finds out that Saul Brown was arrested for drunk driving a few years prior and that he paid off the cops and the papers to keep it quiet. Using the info could win him the election!

Every New Year’s Eve, Randall and his family indulge in a blueberry pie. He stops at a diner in Philly to grab one, but they’re sold out. He runs into Reverend Hawley, whom he confides in. You can tell Randall is struggling with the information about Saul and with the state of his family. “It’s harder to be a good man than to be a great one.”

Reverend Hawley tells him to act in a way that will make him smile when he’s old. “That’s the kind of man who will make your dad proud.” And as if his advice wasn’t enough, he also gave him the last blueberry pie.

When Randall arrives home, he apologizes for choosing the election over them. “My family makes me special. My family makes me a great man.” Dammit, Randall, you get me every time!

Kevin confronts Zoe about the congressman and about her not unpacking her boxes. She basically tells him to stop pushing her. We also find out that Nicky was med-evac’d out of Vietnam in 1971 and entered Walter Reed Psychiatric Hospital soon after. He signed himself out as “Clark Kent.” Remember that for later!

Kate and Toby try to buy back the Star Wars toys from this kid named Gabe, but he won’t budge. So, Kate tells him that she’s pregnant and lost all her childhood toys, including a replica of Three Rivers Stadium her dad made her, in a fire – in which her father died! But stupid Gabe still wouldn’t give them back.

One week earlier

Randall sort of stopped campaigning. Beth was happy at first but eventually encourages Randall to finish what he started. She apologizes for making him choose and ultimately decides to support him on this final push.

They head to Philly for church, where Reverend Hawley endorses Randall for councilman.

Kate also bought Star Wars toys for Toby, just like his old ones, but Toby knows they aren’t the same. Kate comforts him, saying their son doesn’t need old toys, because Toby will be his favorite thing.

Election Night

The election is too close to call. Randall thanks everyone but send them home.

Zoe has a change of heart and tells Kevin she’s in love with him. As they’re unpacking, they find a postcard to Jack, signed “CK.” It dawns on Kevin, “CK” is “Clark Kent.” “Clark Kent” is Nicky! Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle!

So, Jack knew Nicky was alive!

And then, in what made me cry my eyes out, Toby had a replica of Three Rivers Stadium made by a dollhouse maker from pictures Kevin sent him.

Anyone out there like Toby? I’m taking husband applications!

There was a flashback throughout the episode involving Jack and Randall during their visit to Howard University in Washington DC. The only juicy tidbit is when teenage Randall asks Jack if he’s sure he didn’t want to find his brother’s name on the wall of the Vietnam Memorial.

That’s because Jack knew he brother’s name wasn’t on there.

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I can’t wait for next week! It looks like we will finally find out why Jack told everyone Nicky was dead and will see the Big Three meet their uncle.

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