A Million Little Things season 1, episode 11 recap: Secrets and Lies


There are a million little things that are frustrating us right now–and Jon is one of them.

So, A Million Little Things is back, and while I love the overall sentiment and idea of it, I’m starting to wonder where it is all going. To be honest, in my opinion, the best storyline is that of Gary and Maggie’s. It’s real, genuine, and heartfelt, and along with them, I also love Rome. But that’s about it. The whole Delilah/Eddie/Jon/Katherine situation just isn’t doing it for me, and this episode is a slight reminder of that.

The episode begins with a video of Jon apologizing, we assume it’s Delilah and the kids. But nope, he’s saying sorry to someone named Barbara–and we have no idea who she is. Naturally, we’re all feeling a bit salty about Jon right now. The winter finale left Delilah with the revelation that the house is going into foreclosure. Ugh, what?!

In her time of need, she turned to the most unexpected person, Katherine. And we have to say, Katherine is being one hell of a trooper, and has really stepped it up. It turns out that Jon used his house as an asset to get a large loan, and on the paperwork, it has Delilah’s signature. So. messed. up.

Despite the chaos, the entire gang is planning to get together for a run that will benefit suicide prevention. The person most pumped and excited is Maggie, much to Gary’s disapproval. She’s been going through chemo and taking on the task of a run just doesn’t seem right. But I can understand why Maggie is being so persistent. She’s in a situation where so much is being taken away from her, and this is all she is asking for.

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Gary eventually comes around to supporting Maggie and does it in the most adorable way. Seriously, these two are the best thing about A Million Little Things, and perhaps may be the only reason it lives to see another season. Maggie and Gary are #relationshipgoals, can we get them a ship name?

Jon’s indiscretions continue to shock us when Katherine learns something extremely alarming. While she did get a 60-day extension on the foreclosure, she’s also discovered that Jon owes something in the neighborhood of $18 million.

And it’s not so much that Jon owes it, it’s that Delilah owes it now since it was her assets he used to get the loan.

Basically, the foreclosure extension doesn’t matter because the insurance payout Delilah was banking on will be taken away if they default on the payment. Everything will be taken away. At this point, everyone is pretty anti-Jon, except for Gary. He can’t seem to shake off something else is going on, and doesn’t believe Jon would have left his family high and dry.

Gary’s support irks Delilah who is stuck in an awful, awful situation courtesy of Jon. She’s been blaming herself for Jon’s suicide and assuming it was because she was having an affair. But these revelations have changed everything, and she can’t help but feel angry towards Jon–and we do not blame her.

Throughout this episode of A Million Little Things, Gary often thinks back to the day he met Jon and the other guys in the elevator. Something about that day keeps pushing Gary to believe the best in Jon, even when everyone else is pretty much over it. I love that Gary is being so supportive, but as of right now, I am so not team Jon.

And then we have shady Ashley. What the heck is she doing and why is she being so shady? Based on promos, we’ve seen she and Jon had a thing, and it just gets weirder in the winter premiere. Katherine and Delilah head to the bank to learn more about the mess that Jon has created. Guess who else is there closing out an account? ASHLEY. And I’m sure pretty sure it was a hefty check she walked away with.

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For a moment, Delilah and Katherine aren’t thinking about their awkward situation. But when they get back to Delilah’s, Eddie is there waiting for them. Way to shatter friendly bonding, dude. Not to mention, Theo spilled the beans on Delilah’s troubles to Sophie who demanded to know what was going on. After learning about what Jon did, she’s not into doing the race for him.

With Delilah’s recent financial troubles, her and Gina’s restaurant may be in some trouble. Rome offers to take on a job he despises if it means fulfilling his wife’s dream. But he’s recently stopped taking his meds, and Gina is a bit hesitant to let him do anything that drastic. With no other options left, she turns to her mom, who she hopes will invest.

The group is sad to learn that Sophie doesn’t want to run anymore so Gary and Maggie head over to change her mind. This somehow also turns into an opportune time for Danny to come out to Sophie and Delilah, who are nothing but supportive (so cute!). With something to celebrate, Sophie decides she will run, and just like that, there is optimism in the air again.

This next part of last night’s A Million Little Things is my absolute favorite part. Maggie ambitiously begins running but at some point, she starts to feel ill. Everyone else finishes the race, but she is unable to get up from where she stopped. Like the loving boyfriend he is, Gary goes looking for her and finds her sobbing over her failure to finish.

He reminds her that she can do this and that she is human. And then to help her finish the race, he walks her slowly to the finish line with the rest of the group cheering her on. It’s seriously the cutest thing ever, and you can feel the love from everyone in the group.

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Things with Ashley get shadier as Katherine finds out that Ashley has been making payments on the loans Jon took out. They’ve continued even after his death and it’s all enough to prompt Gary and Katherine to pay Ashley a visit. Unfortunately, she’s not home and is at the apartment that we’ve seen her kissing Jon in. What the hell is going on?!

She’s busy shredding documents when the doorbell rings and an elderly woman is asking about Jon. Seriously, can someone tell us what is happening right now? The episode leaves us even more confused when Ashley tries to confront the woman from Jon’s funeral (played by UnREAL’s Constance Zimmer). Ashley says they need to talk, but this woman is not interested. Well, then.

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