HBO adaptation of Stephen King’s The Outsider adds more great actors to its cast


HBO is bringing the Stephen King novel The Outsider to the small screen in a television series and has added some great cast members.

First up, Ben Mendelsohn (Animal Kingdom, Captain Marvel) signed on in December to portray the lead character of Ralph Anderson, a police officer who arrests a man for the murder of a child in what appears to be a clear-cut open-and-shut case.

Also signing on in December was Jason Bateman, who will direct the first two episodes and will serve as a producer on the series. Richard Price (The Night Of, The Deuce) will write the series.

HBO’s The Outsider

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The story itself is about the murder of a child and proof that the local little league coach, who happens to be an upstanding pillar of the community, committed the murder.

However, the coach has an airtight alibi despite witnesses seeing him there and DNA evidence proving he committed the crime.

While Anderson has the case pretty much locked up, he starts to look into the alibi and then finds that there might be more to it than anyone could have ever believed.

This is Stephen King, so let your imagination lead you where it may.

The Outsider adds new cast members

In The Outsider, Harry teams up with an investigator named Holly Gibney. THR announced that HBO has cast Tony and Grammy winner Cynthia Erivo as Gibney.

For those who recognize the name Holly Gibney, she is the same character from the Bill Hodges trilogy and is actually played by Justine Lupe on the Audience series Mr. Mercedes.

Erivo isn’t the only person announced as new cast members this week.

Also added to the cast are Bill Camp (The Night Of) as lawyer Howie Gold; Paddy Considine (Informer) as Claude Bolton, a witness in the case; Mare Winningham (The Affair) as Jeannie Anderson; Yul Vazquez (Narcos: Mexico) as state police detective Yunis Sablo; Julianne Nicholson (I, Tonya) as Mercy Maitland, the wife of the accused; Marc Menchaca (Ozark) as Jack Hoskins, a rival of Ralph’s; and Jeremy Bobb (Godless) as Alec Pelley.

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Also added to the cast are Hettienne Park (Hannibal) and Michael Esper (Trust) as recurring characters.

There is still no word yet on who will play the accused murderer, Terry Maitland.