Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt season 4, episode 11 recap: Kimmy is Rich*!


On the last episode of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus watched helplessly as Mikey proposed to Andrew and Kimmy learns she’s going to be rich.

We’ve reached the penultimate episode of the final season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, “Kimmy is Rich*!” The episode starts with Kimmy getting the Giztoob’s employees’ attention by shouting that there are scorpions everywhere. Then she announces the good news: the company’s been sold and they’re all going to be rich!

After the credits, we join Titus on a school bus where he’s complaining to his seatmate, a little boy who looks like he wishes he were anywhere else.

Titus is taking the kids to Cats on Broadway. Besides lamenting Mikey’s engagement, Titus can’t believe he has to go watch people living his dream at him. His seatmate can’t believe Titus thinks he should be in a Broadway show, but Titus claims he’s a triple threat.

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Meanwhile, Jacqueline meets her client Trip for lunch. He’s been successful in Los Angeles and is planning to fire her. She convinces him to give her a chance to show him why he should stay with her. He reluctantly agrees.

At the Giztoob offices, Kimmy and her co-workers are partying and discussing what they’re going to do with their money. Kimmy’s going to travel and self-publish her book.

Lillian stops by and Kimmy tells her about the sale. Lillian’s confused. What does the company do? Kimmy doesn’t really know either. As far as she can tell it’s just “internet.”

Lillian isn’t impressed. In her day everyone had a trade, but today everyone wants money for nothing. Lillian tells Kimmy not to take the money. There’s no way to get rich quick except with the lottery.

Jacqueline storms in and demands the Giztoob nerds help her. Fortunately, they’re all enamored of her, so they’ll do anything she asks. She wants them to pretend that they work at a talent agency to impress Trip.

When Trip arrives the office has been completely made over and Kimmy even impersonates Shaun White.

At Cats, Titus’ bus seatmate continues to taunt him that he couldn’t do what the performers on stage are doing. Titus has an idea.

During intermission, Lillian arrives with his make-up and her fluffiest coats. As the musical starts again, Titus arrives back at his seat in a full cat costume. His seatmate is skeptical, but when the cats come into the audience, Titus follows them back onto the stage.

Titus breaks into the scene and sings a solo. The audience cheers and his 12-year-old seatmate is amazed.

Later, at the office, Kimmy’s surprised to find she’s getting ads tailored to her. Her boss Zach is unimpressed. He explains that the code they wrote for the game that put the company on the map tracks its users. Kimmy’s shocked — they’re spying on people. Zach corrects her. It’s data mining. It’s what everyone on the internet’s doing. Kimmy can’t believe it. She’s being manipulated and lied to!

Elsewhere, Jacqueline is wrapping up her presentation to Trip when the agent he’s planning to hire after he parts ways with her, Eli, walks in. Eli has stopped by to whisk Trip away and he’s brought Greg Kinnear with him to seal the deal.

Jacqueline asks for a word with Eli alone. She starts to chew him out but Eli interrupts her. He’s on to her — her offices aren’t a real talent agency. He shuts her down and saunters out with Trip and Greg Kinnear in tow.

Meanwhile, the second act of Cats is wrapping up and as the curtain closes, Titus tries to sneak away. Before he can make his escape, he’s surrounded by cats backstage. Then, he learns the truth: he’s not the first to decide to join the cast during Cats. In fact, the musical doesn’t really exist.

In 1981, after the actors in a production of Hello Dolly! got sick and didn’t show up for their performance, an actor in the audience “pounced” on the opportunity. His day job was as a Times Square Garfield, so he delivered a two-hour monologue about cats. The whole show continues to be made up to this day.

So Titus is now “in” Cats. At least as much as anyone is. There’s only one rule — he can’t tell anyone.

Later, Titus goes to see Jacqueline to ask her why he even needs her. He informs her that he was in Cats that afternoon. Jacqueline doesn’t believe it. She tried to get him an audition there but they don’t even have a casting director. Titus starts carrying on about how Cats isn’t just any play, and Jacqueline quickly realizes the musical is fake.

Titus cautions her that it’s a secret. And at least he was trying to make something happen for himself, unlike Jacqueline. This gives Jacqueline an idea. She starts typing on her computer and ignoring Titus, who stalks out in a huff.

At the apartment, Kimmy walks in to find Lillian waiting for Titus. They were supposed to go to a dance competition together.

Kimmy informs Lillian that she was right. She can’t take money from Giztoob after what she discovered. She’s unhappy though. She was excited about her plans for the money. Lillian tells her she’s doing the right thing, but Kimmy feels guilty that she helped make Giztoob successful in the first place. Then, she realizes she can do something about it.

The next morning, Jacqueline attends Greg Kinnear’s improv show. Eli isn’t there because he’s too busy poaching Trip away. After the show, Jacqueline poaches Kinnear by informing him that if he signs with her, she can make his dream of being on Broadway happen that day.

That night Kinnear gets onstage during Cats. Afterward, he’s inducted into the cast. In the process, though, he reveals that his and Titus’ agent told him about being in the show. Titus has broken the cats’ one rule, They kick him out. Titus is angry, when, at the stage door, a child approaches him for his autograph.

At the Giztoob offices, Kimmy once again quits. Once again Zach tells her she should wait until the company’s officially sold. Instead, Kimmy informs him that he’s going to use the company’s code to sell her book. She blackmails him with the handling of the sexual harassment complaint against her from the first half of the fourth season. Zach agrees to do whatever she wants.

Titus, Kimmy, and Lillian run into each other walking home. They’re all feeling good about things until they get to their apartment. All their stuff is on the curb. A city worker informs them that the place isn’t up to code so it’s going to be knocked down. Now everyone is upset that Kimmy didn’t take the Giztoob money.

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