Silicon Valley: Will season 6 be the last for this HBO comedy?


Will Silicon Valley be joining the long list of shows that are ending in the next year?

Silicon Valley has had five seasons of laughs, hilarity, and the type of laugh-out-loud plot that has made its way into the hearts of many. However, one can’t help but notice that it has been a while since we’ve heard anything about a new season. The fifth season ended in May of 2018 so we’re just about approaching the one-year mark.

By now, there is some update regarding a new season but the reason for the lack of it is because production has not yet begun. Now, this could be for a couple of big reasons. One, Alec Berg, the showrunner and executive producer of Silicon Valley is also the lead on HBO’s critically-acclaimed comedy, Barry. Lastly, it might be because the next season will be the last and more time is being spent to make sure it is just right.

When too much time passes by between seasons, most begin to assume that the show is ending or something is wrong. As reported by Deadline, HBO’s president of programming, Casey Bloys, had a comment or two about whether or not this could be the final season of Silicon Valley.

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"Obviously, when you get to the sixth season of a show, you have to talk about how much more is there in this, do you want to do more, so we have had those conversations. To be honest, what (the producers) want to do is get in the (writers) room, and see does it feel like the end, does it feel like there are stories worth telling beyond that. We are open to any version but, as we did with Veep, we put it to them and say, what do you think. They need to get in the room with the writers and see what feels right."

Bloys makes a good point when he says that its really the team’s choice on what the best course of action is. As a network, HBO could certainly step in and force a decision upon them, but ultimately it falls on the producers and writers to decide what will happen. If Silicon Valley does indeed announce it will do just one more season, it will be one of many shows that are ending their run in the 2019-2020 season of television.

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We are losing some excellent shows and the idea of losing Silicon Valley would simply be heartbreaking. But, there are no updates yet so let’s cross our fingers for good news!

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Source: Deadline