Shameless season 9, episode 10 recap: Los Diablos!


Do not mix Percocet and beer, and do not confuse your Showtime shows like Frank. He truly is shameless.

Frank is on a mission to become the Hobo Loco man on Shameless. With six kids on the way and a handful more already earning a living, Frank needs this gig. For once, Frank is passionate about a legally paying opportunity. Yet again, a fellow hustler extraordinaire stands in his way.

Frank may not have held any job longer than 37 days, but he is facing stiff competition in Mikey O’Shea. In a verbal hobo measuring contest, O’Shea admits he was foolish enough to lose two-thirds of his manhood in the Gulf War then investing in Blockbuster for a big 2013 payoff.

To end the verbal sparring and to top off all that hobo-ism, Frank’s Southside roots had to defer when O’Shea admitted to being raised in Flint, Michigan. A trump card in hobo life if one ever existed. Game recognizes hobo game, so Gallagher and O’Shea teamed up to show the posers a pair of true Hobo Loco men.

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To become the Hobo Loco man will take guile and creativity along with a stomach strong enough for liters of Hobo Loco alcoholic bile. Maybe this time if Frank hits the lotto he will not use the paper with the huge payout as a joint rolling mechanism. The likelihood is Frank’s steady pay goes up in smoke, just like Fiona’s cushy gig at Patsy’s Pies.

Fiona is trying to bang out more hours at Patsy’s, knowing she has been slacking in her managerial duties. Doing the after-hours work to catch up leaves Fiona plenty of moments to swig a sip of vodka. Patsy’s Pies is open all hours, and Fiona’s lackadaisical ways with the cash have left her venerable to a theft. Fiona’s role model wound up stealing away Fiona’s job. Debbie will be locking Fiona out of the house again soon.

Santiago is having a rough time assimilating into Kevin and Veronica’s home. Kevin is having a tough time explaining to his daughters why Santiago must be welcomed. Someone has to do the dirty work at The Alibi, and do so in a Kevin approved outfit. Amy and Jemma will have to control their racism and not murder Santiago. Brown on other Brown crime is confusing even Veronica.

Carl is attempting some legal dirty work, but the uniform is not quite military green. Everyone ends up looking like a cheesy American in the end. Ingrid is wearing the disappointment of Frank’s aloofness to fatherhood like a six baby weight, since she’s seen everyone’s cheese eating grins when asked about Frank’s responsibility.

Lip and Tami have found their cheesy date romance niche, and both are wearing it well. Both show a caring side, which comes in handy when they find Xan sitting on the Gallaghers’ front porch. Lip is getting tired of the parental abandonment nonsense that affects innocent kids. In a week of light hearted Hobo Wars and the inevitable doom of Fiona’s downfall, Xan’s story line was the most pivotal and touching.

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Well, except that right cross that Fiona used to touch up the new lemonade stand hating neighbor. Fiona’s going down faster mentally than that neighbor did physically.

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