Shameless season 9, episode 9 recap: BOOOOOOOOOOOONE!


This week’s Shameless was full of lessons of not taking any crap, or any losses, from family, friends, or strangers.

Fiona is losing it, and that’s apparently how the fans will lose Fiona. With Emmy Rossum soon departing Shameless, Fiona is still on the downhill portion of her crisis. The teasers for next week show Fiona saying that she has turned a corner, but no one is buying that line and will likely go in a different direction.

This is a distraught time for Fiona, and for once her relationship was the least of the problems. Ford did not mean as much as the building Fiona owned and rehabbed. Those dreams of a future, a self-sufficient, peaceful future, those dreams are long gone. Just like the rest of the Gallagher’s bill money, Fiona lost her grip on all that mattered to her living comfortably.

Fiona sure took it out on him after the break up. She has to turn somewhere to release her anger. Patsy’s will likely not be an option, and the boxing gym tirade was in bad taste. Fiona is carrying too much shame to go back to the gym. Sadly, now even Frank has a future brighter than Fiona’s.

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Fiona, like Lip and Frank, is drinking to dwell on the past and how it was all screwed up. Drinking so they can find more selfish ways to show the world things were unfair from the start. They drank to escape the weight and responsibility of success.

Fiona could handle holding the house together, but she could not venture out and hold herself together. Lip settled instead of finding a new college avenue to that six figure engineering job. Frank created a career out of the miserable hustles in between a home and a job.

This season has brought back feelings that the O.G. Shameless episodes of the first seasons. The breakdowns and real conversations and lashing out is all making sense, even though some of it is senseless in a capsule. The most authentic response this season was Frank’s when Ingred suggested that’s surely Frank will get a job’ comment. That was the only option that was never on the table, six kids, embryos, or not.

Carl wants something better, and found some guidance in time for him to have a chance. West Point is a big deal, and the routine is something that Carl finds comforting. Debbie wants the house to run more efficiently, with more accountability. She finally let Liam and Fiona in the house, but only after some time on the cold Southside porch. However, where is baby Frannie?

Frank’s aversions to legal hourly rate work aside, he will have to house a pregnant lady that is off her medications. Ingred’s bi-polar disorer worsens for her own issues, but she is professional in her approach towards Carl and Kelly. It is highly doubtful that she keeps a cheerful demeanor through the third trimester. It is highly doubtful that is wise to carry to term at all.

Kevin and Veronica have their own child problems they need to solve. Kevin has a son, living with Veronica’s mother. A 13 year old Santiago is not what Kevin and Veronica need, though he is a help with keeping things tidy. At least if Santiago sticks around, he and Liam can form a nice tag team friendship.

Santiago might have the opposite feelings of Kevin when visiting family. Santiago might want to be reunited with his family. The journey for Kevin and Santiago has been totally different, but Kevin has to not only learn from his experience but apply it differently in Santiago’s best interest. Unfortunately, the only known family member was just arrested in Gary, Indiana while Kevin and Veronica randomly asked Mexican restaurants about illegals.

Kevin kept enjoying that chocolate dipped ice cream taco throughout the ordeal. He would need  a dozen of them to kill the taste of Hobo Loco alcohol. What is practically inhumane tasting to normal folks is like a fine wine to a true Hobo Loco Man. While the masses may lack perspective, the “nectar of the hobo” is an acquired taste.

The indigent population of the Southside is not a blight on the community. No. These humans with taste palettes dulled through years of garbage food and second hand cigarette shorts are an underutilized marketing tool. Millennials love to associate with the down and dirty. The theory explain modern times as well as grunge, and further back, the Mississippi Delta Blues from the turn of the century.

Some of us like clean clothes, and have no time for the hippie nonsense. Carl needs a real job too, according to Debbie. Kelly is not doing what she is supposed to anymore, according to her dad. Carl wants to steer clear for Kelly’s best interest. Neither can screw their way into West Point, and Kelly’s dad is willing to shoot to kill. Kelly goes AWOL and finally gets honest with Carl.

It has to be a tough and touching moment to hear your child cry that she would like to simply call you dad. It has to be tough living in a house without the love needed so a daughter can do so. Kelly has been a tough diamond to develop, but she has become a great counter to Carl this season. Carl and Kelly are both finding a new balance that better suits them and their future goals.

As most are figuring out, Fiona has yet to figure out a future. Fiona’s breakdown in Patsy’s has the assistant manager doing what she can to avoid customer lawsuits. Fiona has no vision, and soon no job if the teasing clips are to be believed. Ingred says the point of a vision board is for future goals. This idea has to this point remained unknown to a Gallagher. A vision board is where the bills are posted.

While Fiona is being pushed out, until she can pay up, Frank is moving in. Frank could never pay up, so all of his living children find his new situation hilarious. Frank supported six before, so Frank argued. Frank does not believe in being a helicopter parent. He prefers to jet out on the kids as soon as possible.

Each Gallagher, from the age of 9 apparently, is chasing a hustle dream akin to Frank’s bitcoin and welfare scheme. When too much of a solid opportunity approaches, Gallagher’s lack the ability to conform to a normal routine with strict guidelines. Mostly, Gallagher’s run away from opportunity faster than Lip at a 5k race.

This episode of Shameless ran through the quick hit political commentary. Women’s rights and freedoms issues were touched on by Ingred and Kelly. Liam and Santiago show a side of labor exploitation and immigration collateral damage. The final clip with an I.C.E children’s choir was a controversial and unconnected ending.

With the title character, Boone, showing up to sweep Tami away from Lip’s grasp. Tami plays the hard game longest, but eventually cracks. Lip showed that he cared twice, once in his room and by showing up to talk with Tami. It took her a second thought, but she finally cracked.

What brought out the sexual revolution in the family, it can’t be just their mother dying of cancer? Lip had to ask, but did not get a real answer. What he got as an answer showed that Tami was just playing cold and dead inside.

Lip was getting puked on but also crapped on emotionally. Lip did take a minor stand, but vague, to finally take up for himself. Now, Lip has a handshake deal, boundaries and baggage all included in the girlfriend deal.

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In the end, Lip, Carl and Ian are all happily in a relationship. Liam is still an undecided free agent in all regards, and only 9. Debbie found a softer side, eventually. Kelly finally took her stand, and her man to her room to find some more vision board dreams. Ingred and Frank have nine months to plan, that’s over one month per new batch child. Finally, Fiona gave the tools back to Ford, one at a time.

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