White Dragon season 1, episode 3 recap


White Dragon picks up with Jonah sulking around the abandoned restaurant which he now realizes is the place Megan would pretend to live in whenever they would video chat while she was in Hong Kong.

Jonah is surprised when David shows up having been told by Lau about the place on White Dragon.  They start telling each other what they know so far. Both men now seem to be pretty firmly in agreement there’s a conspiracy afoot when Jonah mentions the edited voicemail and David says the coroner was bribed to keep his mouth shut about Megan’s gunshot wound.

Jonah then shows David the fake passports made for Megan and Lau, though Jonah finds it odd that one wasn’t made for David too.

Back at the police station, Felix starts to notice some inconsistencies with Megan’s case, though Tsui continues to tell him to leave it alone.

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Still at the restaurant, Jonah and David find a laptop left behind by Megan.  Once they crack the password, they find some photos uploaded from her phone very shortly before the crash, including what may or may not be the dump truck that hit her.  On that note, David decides to go home but Jonah opts to stay and sleep at the restaurant.

Back at his home, David tells Lau about the passports, though the fact he seems no closer to figuring out what Megan was up to or why her last message was left for Jonah only leaves Lau angrier.

The next day Sally meets up with Michael so that he might be able to get to the bottom of what happened to Ben.  Michael tells her that he met up with Megan shortly before both of their deaths leading him to believe the two cases are connected.  Sally says that she knew of Megan mostly because of Jonah and mentions how her body disappeared from the morgue. Sally leaves her number for Michael in case he finds anything else.

Meanwhile, the hotel thief Reza starts tailing Sally which she quickly notices because he has the subtlety of a chainsaw.  Nevertheless, Reza is quickly able to catch up to her to ask for her help in getting to the U.K. in exchange for telling her everything he knows about Ben.

Jonah gets called into a meeting with Arthur to talk about the disappearance of Megan’s body. Arthur advises him that police force is way too crooked to ever expect any help there and that he may want to go public about the situation the force their hand.  Jonah is willing to play along though doesn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about it.

In the next albeit brief scene, we meet Xo for the first time, who is noticeably weary about the election mostly because he feels he’s too old for this crap.

Jonah once again goes to David’s home to see if he was able to find out anything about the dump truck.  David was able to find the building it came from so they go to check it out.

Once they get there, Jonah is able to tell the building manager is going to stonewall him, prompting him to fake an illness so he can pretend to use the bathroom.  From there he’s able to sneak into the inexplicably empty security office and steal the hard drive for the cameras. He and David leave quietly after that.

Michael goes to pick up his daughter and his ex-wife turns out to be Rachel Hargreaves, an employee and close adviser to Xo.  Unsurprisingly, their relationship is strained at best.

Lau meets up with Becky again at a bar, where Becky asks for her expertise at making a protest banner and Lau reluctantly agrees.  Becky then receives a message from an unknown sender telling they’ll be in touch and they’re watching her.

Jonah and David look at the security camera footage and are able to get a photo of the guy that drove the garbage truck.  They take the photo to Felix who recognizes him as a low-level gangster named Kai Huang. The two leave but not before Felix asks David in Cantonese what he’s gotten himself into and it’s hinted once again that David knows much more about Megan’s death than he’s letting on.

Michael goes back to Rachel’s to drop off his daughter and Rachel tells him that through her connections she was able to find out that Ben was connected to the Triads so he should be careful.

Lau and Becky break into a building to hang their protest banner and once the job is done they once again start making out on the rooftop.  They are later seen in bed together at Lau’s home and Becky receives another message warning her to do what they say or she’ll go back to jail.  Becky is on the verge of confessing this to Lau when a man claiming to be a solicitor with information on her mother knocks on the door.

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Jonah and David decide to have a drink at a bar where they talk a bit about their respective relationships with Megan and have their first halfway friendly moment together.  Then a group of off-duty cops harasses David calling him a traitor so he decides to call it a night.

Jonah then makes a call to Sally telling her that he believes David might be involved in Megan’s murder.

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