The Passage season 1, episode 5 recap: How you gonna outrun the end of the world?


The vampires have a plan and so does the Army, and they both involve Amy. But Amy has a different plan on The Passage.

“How you gonna outrun the end of the world?” is a significant question posed on last night’s The Passage. It is also the name of episode 5.

Sure, Brad and Amy want to escape Project Noah, but there’s something bigger coming, and Project Noah seems insignificant in comparison. It reminds me of Game of Thrones, actually. While everyone’s fighting over the Iron Throne, something bigger and worse is coming, and it’s all a moot point.

With the craziness of last week’s episode, the DoD sends in the big guns, a guy named Horace played by the guy Phoebe dated on Friends who writes erotic novels for children (James La Gros).

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Horace is unethical, skeevy, makes it clear that the DoD only cares about making the vampires and Amy weapons for the Army. Wait, wasn’t this whole thing meant for curing diseases?

Nichole has had enough, and she helps Amy and Brad (who was separated from Amy by Clark) escape.
Before Brad is set free, Anthony Carter, who is now a full-blown vampire, comes to Brad. They appear to be at Anthony’s grandmother’s home. They can go there since she is dead in real life.

Anthony tells Brad he’s not playing Fanning’s game, and he’s still pretty pissed at Brad for getting him involved with Project Noah, but he cares about Amy and urges Brad to keep her safe. He tells Brad about the government’s plans for Amy and that the end of the world is coming, hence his question: How you gonna outrun the end of the world?

Meanwhile, Dr. Pet, who thinks he’s the smartest guy in any room, experiments with Bloodsucker Winston. He tried to control him telepathically and thinks he’s doing it (remember he doesn’t believe the vampires can communicate in this way). But that’s just Winston playing him.

Next thing we know, Winston is on the loose and Pet is dead, a satisfying end to that psycho character.
Lear, who’s in solitary confinement because of possibly getting infected, witnesses everything. Winston also comes for Brad and just when he’s about to die, Amy screams to the top of her lungs, shaking everything around her.

Winston scours away, leaving Brad alone. So, Amy can repel vampires.
This week’s “flashback” has much to do with Lear and Fanning and their connection to Lear’s wife, Elizabeth. Basically, Fanning is in love with Elizabeth, and he hates Lear. Elizabeth even cheated on Lear one night.

Fanning torments Lear asking why he won’t just give the virus to Elizabeth, who suffers from early onset Alzheimer’s. Lear stays strong and refuses.

Ultimately, Fanning gets his way because he has Grey inject Elizabeth. Lear discovers her in a complete state of clarity and then sees the needle. He embraces his wife but knows she will soon be a vampire.
Just a question, why aren’t they killing these things?! It seems like an easy fix, to me.

One last bit to cover is Lila and Lacey, who have sought out refuge at a nunnery. But in the end, Lila is kidnapped while praying.

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Things are moving along nicely, and I’m still invested to see what will happen from week to week. I don’t feel invested in the characters, except for Brad and Amy, because they are the only two that have been humanized properly. I think the show could be creepier and more suspenseful, but at times it feels rushed.

I’m sure they are still trying to get in a groove, so we’ll see how the second half of the season plays out.

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