The Passage season 1 episode 4 recap: Who’s blood is that?


The blood-suckers’ plan is further revealed in The Passage, and not everyone is on board. Some people are in flat-out deny.

The Passage is heating up in its fourth episode, “Who’s blood is that?”

It’s an eerie question that no one in their right mind would ever want to hear someone ask them. But how did we get there?

There are a lot of strange things happening at Project Noah. It’s clear the intention was to save the world, but instead, these people have created and are unknowingly helping these creatures grow stronger. This is not new information since one of the first lines of these series has Amy saying this is how the world ends.

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With every death row inmate they recruit, experiment on, and eventually turn into a blood-sucker, the doctors and scientists at Project Noah are perpetuating the problem.

They can enter people’s minds, whether they are asleep or awake, and they can control them. Each blood-sucker is basically “assigned” a human. Shauna has attached herself to Clark and one of the others, David Winston, attached himself to a guard named Paulson.

But Clark doesn’t want to admit to anyone the real reason he decided not to euthanize Shauna in the last episode. He lies to Nichole, telling her the DOD told him to stand down. She confirms this when she calls the DOD herself. And Paulson warns Clark numerous times that they can control people. He ignores him.

It isn’t until Paulson literally goes crazy and starts shooting up the place sniper-style that he gets their attention. Brad even steps in to negotiate with him and finds out that the plan is for the people being controlled to unleash them onto the world before he’s shot in the head by Clark.

Deep down, Clark knows they’re all screwed, but he’s in denial. Seems like he’s willing to go down with the ship. ::Sigh:: His pride will get him in the end, I’m sure.

We also got some background on Anthony Carter and confirmed what I had suspected: he’s an innocent man.

He fell in love with a real estate agent named Rachel Wilson whom he met when she showed up to an open house for his first flipped house project. She offered her services to help him sell the home, and he ended up asking her out. Before long they were in a relationship.

At times, she seemed erratic, quick to anger, and just plain crazy. But Anthony always remained calm and supportive.

She showed up one day with a black eye, and she admits that she’s married. But her husband beats her. Of course, he is furious and says he needs time. The following morning, he finds Rachel dead in the swimming pool.

Because Anthony is poor, he can’t afford proper legal representation. And they can’t prove the Rachel’s rich husband was abusive, so Anthony gets framed for her murder, even though she killed herself, and he ends up on death row.

All the while, as we experience Anthony’s flashbacks, Fanning is infiltrating these visions, trying to pull Anthony to their side.

When Anthony becomes super sick, close to death, Fanning is able, and he becomes a blood-sucker.

At one point after Anthony’s transformation, he slashes at Dr. Lear. Nichole terrifyingly asks him who’s blood it is (hence the title of the episode). Does that mean Lear is not long for this world?

Meanwhile, Amy and Brad want out of Project Noah. Brad convinces Nichole to let Amy be a kid and get outside. The guards even build her a treehouse that she designed herself. Now, she and Brad have a way to see the entire property and beyond the perimeter. They’re so smart!

Shauna also visits Amy (in her mind). The meeting is brief, and although Shauna tries to appeal to the fact that Amy is young and impressionable, she knows better. She’s not your average kid.

Amy sees right through Shauna’s act and tells her to get lost.

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I think I see where this is going, but I’m not sure. It seems as though the younger the blood-suckers are, the more powerful they are. That’s why it takes longer for them actually to turn into one. They know with Amy, they may have the most powerful being on their hands, and that’s why they’re trying to recruit her.

But maybe Amy is too strong to be persuaded and will never do it, making her the key to eventually saving the world.

This is just a theory though. I’m interested in seeing where this goes.

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