The Gifted: Will the underrated X-Men show get a season 3?


Will The Gifted get a season 3?

With only two episodes left in this season for The Gifted, fans are beginning to look ahead to the future. The FOX/Disney merger is looming and the fate of series has been in limbo for most of its run. While the ratings for this season haven’t been great, showrunner Matt Nix did have some hopeful words when speaking to /Film.

Warning: Spoilers below for The Gifted season 2

When the subject of renewal was brought up, Nix mentioned the possibility of returning with some creative changes.

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"I think that my sense is that the most likely thing is that if we come back, we’ll come back in some sort of creative way. Some partnership, because I think what we’ve discovered is that fans of The Gifted are big fans of The Gifted. We have a solid fan base and it’s a little small for the broadcast networks. But we do well on streaming so there may be, my hope is that there’s something to work out in that realm."

As streaming has begun to rise in popularity, it would make sense that The Gifted would be performing better on Hulu than FOX’s live broadcast. Not to mention, FOX has put the series on random hiatuses and shifted its timeslot from 8 PM to 9 PM. Those changes do have an effect on viewership, whereas people streaming are able to catch the episode at their leisure.

In the same interview, Nix also addressed the recent announcement Legion would be ending with season 3. 

"Legion, the truth is, Legion is a great show but Legion was doing a very different thing. I think it’s fair to say that Noah had a story that Noah wanted to tell and that story, he had a story that he wanted to tell and he told that story in the universe of the X-Men. He didn’t really have an X-Men story to tell. He had a Noah Hawley story to tell and as a huge fan of his, I’m like totally down for that. I think that’s really cool. I think our show is really more of that universe if that makes sense."

While both series might draw inspiration from the X-Men comics, Legion has been one of the most unique adaptations for a superhero show. The decision to have season 3 serve as a conclusion came from Hawley himself who wanted to tell a three-season story. Not to mention, the series also focuses on the titular character of Legion or David Haller. The Gifted could easily shift to follow a new group of mutants because it focuses on the more grounded problem of being a different species in a world that’s afraid of change.

Luckily, if the season 2 finale will be the last episode of The Gifted, it sounds like fans will get some closure. Nix teases an “epic” conclusion and promises that it could open up some new possibilities for the series to explore.

"I’m really happy, I was just watching it before I came here. Basically, what’s exciting about it is it’s pretty epic. It completes our season in what I think is a really satisfying way and opens some really interesting questions promising some really cool story. I’m not a big fan of the crazy cliffhanger that sort of punishes the audience for hanging on. At the same time, you want something that says, “Hey, come back because there’s something fun to do here.” I feel like we found a good place with that. It’s pretty epic. It’s pretty big."

What could a potential third season look like? In his interview with /Film, Nix confirmed he has already begun thinking of the comic book elements he would want to see in season 3. He also mentioned his desire to take certain elements from Days of Future Past but cautioned viewers that this wouldn’t mean the show would be adapting the famous storyline.

Last night’s episode ended with Blink (Jamie Chung) getting shot three times in the back before disappearing into a portal. We have to understand her mysterious death/disappearance will be a factor in a third season if the show is renewed.

FOX hasn’t said anything about the future of the show and neither has Marvel. Luckily, the series was created with a joint partnership with Marvel Television which means it’s possible the Disney merger won’t affect its fate. Nix is certainly holding out hope the strengths of the creative team and cast will be enough to bring it back for another season.

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"Yeah, the bottom line is these days, especially with the Disney merger and everything, there are creative versions of the ways shows come back and I think hopefully we’re one of those shows."

If The Gifted gets renewed, what would you want to see in the third season? Are you excited for the finale? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!