White Dragon season 1 finale recap


White Dragon reveals who the mastermind is.

Jonah and Lau go to the consulate to ask Arthur for protection against Xo on White Dragon.  While Jonah unsurprisingly has a few choice words for Arthur, he also acknowledges Arthur is their only choice for protection.  The coverup continues as the police go to David’s murder scene and find no signs of a body.

Jonah and Lau have Michael meet them at the consulate in the hopes that he can get the whole story out.  Michael is more than willing to help but makes it clear that their evidence needs to check out before he even thinks about printing any of it and it’s going to take some time.

The evidence must be looking good because Michael makes a call to Rachel to vaguely warn and gloat to her that Xo will probably be finding himself crucified by the media in the next 24 hours.

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The next day Rachel goes to work and finds that Xo has hung himself in his office.  Word of Xo’s suicide quickly spreads and is all over the news with Arthur saying there’s a rumor that Xo left a confession before he died.  Arthur speculates that while the supposed confession will likely never see the light of day, the threat against Jonah and Lau is presumably over and they can both go home.  Lau seems to be way ahead on that front as she has already gone back to her apartment.

Jonah takes a look at what’s left of the restaurant which isn’t much.  He relays this information to Felix, who looks into the restaurant’s fire report and finds out the cause of the fire was arson.

Lau gets yet another visit from Jonah who tells her about the fire.  Jonah says there’s still a couple things about the case that still don’t add up.  For starters why would Xo pay Megan off only to have her killed? He also feels strongly that there was something about the restaurant he missed. He asks to take another look at Lau and Megan’s fake passports. He notices that Megan’s has a stamp on it from three weeks ago.

Jonah calls his sister Emma and asks her to check Megan’s office at his place to see if there’s any paperwork under her fake passport name.

Felix visits with Lau both to give his condolences and asks her to make an I.D.  She positively identifies Conrad as David’s killer. Felix tells her that Conrad primarily works as a hired gun but he’s not sure Xo is the one who hired him.

Emma looks in Megan’s office and finds a receipt for a storage unit in London under her fake name.  Inside the storage unit is a single box filled with pictures and mementos of Lau. She also finds a mysterious flash drive.

Jonah and Michael look over the contents of the flash drive.  It turns out to contain a video of her secret blackmail meeting with Xo.  During the video, Xo yells at someone on his phone in Cantonese but Michael thinks he can understand what he’s saying.

Becky goes to check on Lau and when she finds out about David’s murder, she decides to confess all to Lau.  Lau forgives her easily enough, reasoning that nothing Becky did had anything to do with David’s death.

The next day, Michael meets up with Rachel.  He theorizes to her that she knew about the blackmail scheme and was the one who masterminded Megan’s death and the subsequent cover-up.  Michael offers to keep his mouth shut and hand over the flash drive in exchange for full custody of their daughter. Rachel finally admits to her involvement but at the same time passes the buck to Conrad saying he wasn’t supposed to kill anybody (not that she seems all that broken up about it).

As it turns out Michael had secretly recorded the entire conversation and hands it over to Jonah, who says he’ll get it to someone he can trust.  The police show up to arrest Rachel the next day.

Sally, who has been MIA throughout this entire episode calls Jonah to apologize for her involvement in everything.  Jonah then drops the bomb on her that Megan correctly never trusted her and secretly recording her meeting with Xo. Sally, in turn, admits that she kept records of the stuff Arthur did, which she’s already turned over to the police.  She also deduces that Ben, suspecting she was having an affair, followed her to her meeting with Megan and later met with Megan himself wanting to know what was going on. Jonah pretty firmly in “cry me a river” mode unceremoniously hangs up on her.

Michael, despite having now found out what a piece of work Rachel truly was, is all too happy to be reunited with his daughter on White Dragon.

Jonah visits an apathetic Rachel in jail wanting to know why she did everything and also to mention that Conrad has been arrested and is already singing like a canary.  She claims to have done it for Xo and that she “panicked” when Michael showed up with a picture of Ben. She then theorizes that the true reason Jonah stuck around Hong Kong throughout this whole thing wasn’t to find justice for Megan but to see if her love for him was real and gloats that even after all this he still doesn’t know and probably never will.

Jonah and Lau meet up one last time.  After Lau mentions that Conrad gave the police the location of David’s body, they go to spread Megan’s ashes.  They both speculate about Megan’s relationship with Jonah and how real it was. Despite having no real answers, Jonah still feels fortunate for the time he had with her.  Jonah leaves for his plane but leaves Lau his contact info.

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Back in London, Jonah visits Megan’s storage locker and finds a letter left for him.  In a nutshell, it says that Jonah was the one she loved.

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