Deadly Class season 1, episode 6 recap: Stigmata Martyr


It’s hard to keep secrets on Deadly Class.

“Stigmata Martyr” chooses to spend most of the hour focusing on Maria after the events of the Vegas trip from last week. Ultimately, it’s a smart decision which allows Deadly Class to explore her bipolar disorder more than it has so far. Tasked with carrying quite a few secrets and refusing to take her medication, Maria is like a ticking time bomb for the rest of her friends. While she might be struggling in a way they don’t understand, everyone will need to support one another if they hope to come out of this alive.

Interrogation Time

Master Gao (Olivia Cheng) has returned to King’s Dominion because of Chico’s recent demise. She’s confident that Maria was the one who orchestrated the murder and warns her that telling the truth might be the only thing which could spare her life. Despite the threats, Maria remains adamant that she was deeply in love with Chico and could never hurt him. Gao doesn’t buy it but with no proof or body, she’s forced to let her go.

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Maria needs to keep the charade up of being the heartbroken girlfriend despite the fact that she’s already moved on. Deadly Class reveals she’s been secretly dating Marcus but the two aren’t exactly doing the best job at keeping things on the down low. She finds him in the boy’s bathroom in only a towel and is quick to want to fool around. Thankfully, Billy walks in and immediately makes fun of a naked Marcus just standing in the bathroom alone. When he realizes Maria is there, he kicks her out and admonishes his friend for putting all of their lives at risk.

Throughout Marcus’ opening narration, we see the dilemma he faces. He’s been more than willing to serve as her support system but finds her constant mood swings jarring. However, he sees himself as responsible for putting her into this situation. She wouldn’t have had to kill Chico if he wasn’t planning on killing Marcus. It’s a bit narrow-minded because Maria would eventually have to kill Chico or run if she was ever going to escape him. Nevertheless, it makes sense Marcus would feel partially responsible.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Benedict Wong as Master Lin, Olivia Cheng as Master Gao — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Classroom Blues

Billy lets Marcus know that he’s coping well following his father’s murder because it means his family is finally free. With that section of his life currently handled, Billy has set his sights back on winning over Petra. He reasons that she can’t stand emotions which is why she’s been shutting down his attempts at romance. His new plan is to pretend like he doesn’t like her by pretending to be deeply in love with Professor DeLuca.

Unfortunately, Petra doesn’t seem to care about this latest ploy either. Billy does give DeLuca a handwritten declaration of love and asks for her “to tie him up and call him rude names”. Poor Billy doesn’t quite realize that this “isn’t as sexy as imagined” but Gao respects DeLuca’s attitude.

In the same class, Shabnam is getting bullied by Victor as per usual. Eventually, Shabnam is able to convince DeLuca to use Victor as a sparring partner and the latter is extremely humiliated. It doesn’t come as a surprise when Victor decides to ramp up his bullying later that afternoon. Marcus walks in just as Victor and his cronies are half nude and preparing to do some unspeakable acts to Shabnam with a broom handle. Marcus points out that Victor needs to channel his crush on Shabnam in a more loving way which sends the Russian assassin fuming off. Meanwhile, Shabnam is furious Marcus stepped in because he would’ve talked himself out of it later.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: Liam James as Billy — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Elsewhere, Maria, Saya, and Brandy are all in class together. Brandy is trying to get a rise out of Maria but making fun of her relationship with Chico. She’s not falling for Maria’s “heartbroken” act especially because Chico was so clearly an abusive boyfriend. Of course, Brandy doesn’t have any sympathy for Maria either. In fact, she views herself as someone who has always been underestimated but is clearly the best.

This is showcased in her fighting style where Brandy goes out of her way to take down Saya and Maria during a fight for class. Maria gets a C from Professor Zane for only putting on a pretty performance. Saya gets an A for casually taking down three ninjas but Brandy gets failed. As Zane perfectly points out, Deadly Class is about “training assassins, not pieces of sh*t”. Gao is waiting nearby and demands Brandy get the A while Saya fails because the latter should’ve seen the attack coming. It’s a bit hilarious to hear Brandy decrying the prejudice towards her Dixie Mob at the school to an Asian woman. Despite the irony, Gao dislocates Saya’s arm and reminds her that she’s nothing special.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Siobhan Williams as Brandy, Christopher Heyerdahl as Master Zane — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

After School Activities

Saya is trying not to let Gao get under her skin because she views the whole situation as a cheap shot. Maria is just worried that the other kids at school are gossiping about how she probably killed Chico. Not to mention, Maria had a bit of an envious glare when Marcus sprang to Saya’s help in their last class. The two don’t talk about that quite yet, with neither willing to admit this situation might be a little more complicated. Especially when Maria reveals she’s quit taking her medication because of how good she feels with Marcus.

Marcus has found a job at least! Willie got him a job at a local comic book shop so he can make a little bit of money on the side. Their workday is spent with Willie admitting how hard it’s been to get that image of Chico out of his mind. For Willie, he can’t be himself at school or at home because of his reputation. Marcus thinks it’s time for Willie to speak to a counselor or a therapist but Willie doesn’t think it’s so easy.

In fact, he becomes a jerk when a girl approaches him asking about Superman. Willie decries Superman’s inability to killed Lex Luthor until the girl angrily leaves. Marcus tells him to quit being a jerk because Superman is Willie’s favorite. With Marcus’ advice, Willie apologizes to the girl and gets a new girlfriend! It’s a nice change of pace to see him so happy, especially because everyone else’s life seems to be falling apart.

Back in his room, Marcus is making Maria a mixtape for their one month anniversary. He feels bad because she got him a gift but he wasn’t aware that was something couples do. Early on, he points out that relationships and even just any sense of normalcy are a new concept for him. Despite Maria saying he doesn’t have to get a gift, he’s warned by Billy that he definitely does. Shabnam accuses him of having a secret girlfriend, but Marcus claims the tape is just for Willie. Deadly Class seems to be hinting Shabnam might be craftier than we initially thought.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Lana Condor as Saya, Taylor Hickson as Petra — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

The Secret’s Out

Up on the roof, Saya, Billy, Petra, and Marcus are all hanging out. Billy is once again desperate to show off his new “no care” attitude to Petra but she still doesn’t seem to care. Not to mention, she’s still easily able to throw him off by just mentioning sex so it’s clear she’s able to see through his new plan. Their fun and games are interrupted by a jubilant Maria who comes upstairs to dance with Marcus. She kisses him but is ultimately dragged off by Saya as the two girls head out of earshot.

Billy tries to play the whole thing off and pretend like it’s just “crazy Maria”. Marcus isn’t as dumb and he quietly sits down next to her. Petra whispers a promise not to tell anyone, thus cementing her as one of our favorite characters on Deadly Class. It’s a sweet moment between the two, and Marcus has had Petra’s back since he’s joined the school. The loyalty between the rats is one of the highlights of the show.

Downstairs, Saya is trying to make Maria understand that she’s putting everyone in danger by not taking her medication. Maria doesn’t want to hear it because she’s tired of being told something is wrong with her. It’s a hard topic to broach, and ultimately the friends separate when Maria accuses Saya of just being jealous.

In her room, Maria listens to the mixtape Marcus gave her and looks through an old photo album. Deadly Class gives us Maria’s tragic backstory in “Stigmata Martyr”. A young Maria sleeps in the kitchen of her house while her family waits around. A young Chico cons the father into opening the door and shoots him in the chest. A different man jumps through the window and lights Maria’s pregnant mother on fire before murdering the other members of the family.

El Alma Del Diablo, Chico’s father, drags Maria’s dad out into the middle of town where he nails the main to a cross. Before they kill Maria, Chico says she could be useful to them. He agrees and poor Maria is forcibly taken from her home while crying out for her father.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Lana Condor as Saya, Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)


One of Chico’s friends stops by Maria’s and wants to order a hit on the yakuza kid who had sent the masked men from the detention episode. She says no before revealing El Alma Del Diablo put her in charge before slamming the door in his face. Not exactly the best way to keep suspicion off yourself, Maria!

Instead of comforting her friend, Saya returns to the roof to inform Marcus of her condition. He’s upset about the whole situation and wonders how he got himself into another problem. Saya, rightfully, calls him out for making the whole thing about himself. However, Marcus realizes she’s mad at him for dating Maria when she has feelings for him too. They lean in for a kiss before a hooded figure fires an arrow at him from nearby. Saya stops it but sighs like she knew who was the culprit while Marcus takes off after the assassin.

Turns out the archer is none other than Maria, who’s so overcome with jealousy that she wanted to prove Saya would steal him away. Marcus is infuriated his girlfriend would try such a stunt and yells that Saya was only trying to help her. Maria breaks down crying, terrified of losing everything including Marcus. Eventually the two kiss before having sex right on the spot. Could these two be any more obvious about their secret relationship? Nevertheless, it’s interesting to see how Deadly Class depicting these two as so desperate for love and support that they’re overlooking some signs of an unhealthy relationship.

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: Olivia Cheng as Master Gao — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Is Gao sticking around?

When Zane refuses to change Brandy’s grade again, Gao shows up to teach him a lesson. She holds him down and tells Brandy to make him never forget the grade she earned. Brandy carves an A into his forward before happily walking away. Saya might not have been afraid before but now she is.

In Lin’s office, we also learn that Gao is Lin’s older sister who was sent away. She resents her brother for his school and feels like she wasn’t allowed to attend because their father didn’t believe she’d survive finals. Looks like we’re ramping up towards a bloody finale based on the hints we’ve gotten from the other teachers.

Lin also enters a secret room in his office where his deceased wife and daughter seem to live. What really happened in his past?

DEADLY CLASS — “Stigmata Martyr” Episode 105 — Pictured: (l-r) Christopher Heyderdahl as Master Zane, Lana Condor as Saya, Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Chester’s Big Break

Finally, Chester resurfaces with his first murders. Deadly Class is keeping his villainous name from the comics, F*ckface. He kills a pizza delivery guy and a woman on a bike on camera to try to document his rise as an assassin. There’s also a little dog involved, and anytime we see Chester with a puppy we’re immediately uncomfortable.

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He also gives Marcus a ring, to make sure his older roommate remembers that Chester’s reappearance wasn’t just part of the acid trip. He’s forced Shabnam’s parents to become “dogs” where he keeps them inside a crate. Basically, Chester is one of the more disturbing characters currently on television. He wants Marcus’ spot at King’s Dominion because he’s the one who really murdered everyone at the boy’s home. Things are not looking great for Marcus.

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