Light as a Feather season 1, episode 7 recap: …Right as Rain


By episode 7 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather, assumptions fly and people die, and so much seems to be a game.

It seems high school life was tough even before Violet Simmons (Haley Ramm) rolled into town. In fact, a lot of her apparent evil is simply playing off already existing weaknesses in the characters. If we didn’t know she possesses magical powers, she could just be a self-obsessed, psychopathic brat.

For example, Violet has an awkward conversation about exposing Allie (Brianne Tju) as the one who sold pills to Jennie, McKenna’s twin sister (both played by Liana Liberato). It’s Violet’s attempt to blackmail Allie into arranging a new game of Light as a Feather.

For better or worse, though, everyone else rejects her attempts, later on, knowing it’s a strange, magical and sinister trap. If that’s not enough, Allie faints. It turns out her blood pressure’s low and she’s dehydrated, and she’s given a drug test. She says she’s afraid to eat because she might choke, as “predicted” by Violet’s twisted game.

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Trey’s redemption, Candace’s descension

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Soon they visit Candace (Ajiona Alexus), who seems to be okay despite being in a mental hospital called The Daybridge Center. Out of desperation go avoid Violet, Alex eventually tells McKenna about giving the pills to Jenny, insisting she did not know the health risks.

She also tells McKenna about Violet’s blackmail, but McKenna’s no longer willing to hear it. Later, McKenna apologizes to Trey, admitting she used to think he was involved in her sister’s death. It seems hormones take over and they kiss — and we see it happens to get recorded by a laptop computer.

Not long after that awkward romance, Trey and Henry (Dylan Sprayberry) boldly break into Violet’s, seeing what crazy stuff they can find.

Meanwhile, back at Daybridge, we learn that Violet has access to the itemized list for Candace’s treatments  They tell Candace about it, but she’s in denial that anything weird is going on.

She seems convinced that she needs the treatment. However, there’s a crazy treatment for her involving water in the so-called “Blue Ocean Treatment Room.” Of course, water as the means of death predicted by the Light as a Feather game, so she’s a little freaked out by it.

Unfortunately (and somewhat predictably), Candace ends up falling into the water, getting wrapped up in the tarp and drowning. It’s a pretty well-done sequence, as it seems like something that happened naturally.

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Of course, we have reason to suspect Violet’s witchy magic is behind it, and the game is not quite over.

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