Shameless season 9 finale recap: Found


Shameless bids farewell to Emmy Rossum. Fiona received the best advice ever given by a public defender and the younger Gallagher’s starting learning about the challenges in finding one’s lot in this life.

Frank knows his lot in life on Shameless. He is secure in being Frank Gallagher, as is.

Carl is finally accepting the environment he comes from and sees why he will be rejected from the upper echelons of society. Debbie is still unsure of so many things. Lip has issues beyond just Tami. Ian is happy and Liam has proof now that he is indeed the smartest Gallagher, besides Frank.

Frank survived this long, he gets the benefit of the doubt.

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Carl and Debbie used anger and rejection to bond while destroying Kelly’s truck. Carl and Debbie really show a lack of development as decent people. Carl runs Kelly off while Debbie played mind games with both of them. Carl and Debbie only have themselves to blame for being such terrible people not worthy of Kelly’s time. Manipulation and destructive mischief might be fun, but those are the exact traits that keep Debbie and Carl from making any progress in life.

But Kelly is a real woman, making real decisions. Carrying some nonsense Gallagher guilt is not in her repertoire. Carl is going back to school, as a taken man. Now if he can only learn to spell correctly.

Meanwhile, the baby of the family is missing. Liam has been gone for days, but big baby Frank Gallagher has three to six months of couch rest. No one wants to care for Frank, that type of careful attention is reserved for loved ones. No one loves Frank.

The family loves Liam and knows that him living in a stable home is best for his future. Taking care of school and Frannie is not his best option. Todd’s grandmother serves a great bowl of Lucky Charms and that’s just one of over forty demands Liam made.

Where Liam is loved, Frannie has been all but incognito. And boy has she grown. She is still loved by most of the family if they notice her at all. Frank just needs her to fetch a beer.

While Debbie keeps pushing her to the side, Fiona is willing to give up her larger room so Frannie has space. Debbie will be in and out of the house, and Frannie’s life, sporadically. Debbie still babies Frank more than she cares for Frannie, even when Frank plays on Debbie’s insecurities.

Every character has had to take an inventory and be truthfully about their limitations. Debbie has a different look and brain than Fiona. Carl was striving for goals outside his normal class range. Lip bombed out of the big time university, and just wanted to find a balance. Liam realized the Gallagher home was worth abandoning early. CHURCH!

So begins Fiona’s pilgrimage. Where to? Not Sure. Lip just knows that she won’t turn around before the airport.

The building of emotion this episode, to end this bi-polar split season, had everything. Tears building then receding. Laughter at the most terrible of situations. Sniffles at the happiest of scenes. It’s been a long journey.

Fiona is going. She will never leave the fans hearts. She will leave some things either unsaid or unheard between her and Frank.

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Fiona could not keep living a wayward Southside life. She had fought, she did it all. She has the scars to prove it and survived the battles. Her war is done. Now, her victory lap journey around the world can begin.

Fiona loved the kids. She didn’t mess them up. She even left Debbie $50,000 to take care of the others. Debbie has big shoes to fill. Fiona did the best anyone could have ever expected.

Here’s to a wonderful, emotional, hilarious nine years. Buckle your seat belt and enjoy the flight, Fiona. You’ll land with the rest of your life ahead of you.

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