Shameless season 9, episode 13 recap: Lost


Only one more week until Fiona makes her Shameless exit.

Frank has wrecked his body and his reputation with the hospital staff. A wrecking ball has taken its toll on Fiona’s old apartment building, and a letter has brought Carl news that wrecks his future dreams.

But nothing wrecks a good mood like Tami.

Tami would test anyone’s sobriety. Lip has been handling the possibility of fatherhood well, considering Tami has been less than forthcoming concerning, well, anything.

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At least Fiona is being honest in her AA speeches to strangers. Tami thinks ever small thing Lip wonders is just the start of an inquisition. Lip has only been supportive and was far more respectful with Tami’s dad than Tami has been towards Lip.

Lip has done well not to badger Fiona or Tami. Fiona is trying to manage her new life the best she can. Fiona needed that pep talk from Lip, and she is strong.

She raised some pretty good kids. Fiona ran a good shop at Patsy’s and talked about the real estate game. If Fiona can learn to handle the good times, she can have her own place again.

Debbie will never find her own place if she keeps trying to encroach into other’s spaces. Debbie kept pushing into Carl’s space in Kelley’s life. On the couch, Debbie again tried to manipulate her way into a relationship. It did not work when she punctured the condom, and it did not work on Kelly. No one can love Debbie, because Debbie refuses to accept who she is.

Everyone knows who Frank is — at the hospital or on the Southside streets. Frank can walk off a wrecking ball attack, no problem. Even with bone protruding from his thigh, Frank can quickly complete transactions for various illicit substances.

However, no one at the hospital is willing to give Frank the time of day, much less any pain medications. They relish his suffering.

Eventually, Frank does get some treatment. Young medical students have to “practice medicine” on someone, somewhere. This week, it was Frank’s lucky day to help one of the Ivy League’s finest and youngest surgeons.

Frank will never pay his bills, so serving as a practice dummy for residency students is about the only way for the hospital to get their money’s worth.

Ian has his place in prison, with Mickey. Debbie is unaccepting of her lot in life and still refuses to think about Frannie. Carl was rejected from a better world before even having a chance, but he will make it fine.

Lip is growing into a responsible adult who manages his alcohol with AA meetings. Liam is just chilling out, enjoying the spoils of someone’s doting grandmother.

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Fiona is still finding her place. The Gallagher house is not a crisis management hub built for Fiona to feel important. Fiona had the house on stable ground and was an emerging young female entrepreneur.

Fiona still has a chance to find a better life for herself, but can she do so in Chicago?

In the end, Fiona may get some money after all. What she does with it is the biggest mystery Shameless ever had. Fiona is learning more about herself and her relationships through AA programs. Will she forget it all and relive the past, or learn from her mistakes and invest the money more wisely?

Shameless airs its season finale next Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.