The Passage season one finale recap: What happens to the world?


Amy warned us at the beginning of The Passage, that this story was about the end of the world. She wasn’t lying.

Fox aired the final two episodes from the first season of The Passage last night, and all I can say is, didn’t see any of it coming – which is kind of stupid on my part because Amy has been teasing it the entire season.


Episode 9: Stay in the Light

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We begin with a flashback to 2015, when Fanning and Lear are Bolivia. Fanning is super sick and is about to turn. He begs Lear to kill him, but Lear won’t do it. Even the government wants him dead, yet Lear protects his friend.

Then we hear Amy’s voiceover, ominous like so many before it, “So many times they could have turned back; but they didn’t.”

Lear could have prevented all of this, but he didn’t.

As we saw in episode 8, Brad was able to escape with Amy and Horace, trapping the vampires behind crazy-heavy doors. He then finds Lila, who is now away from being knocked out. Nichole is still trapped in the lab.

But they’re not safe, because those smarty-pants vampires got out through the air ducts. As they try to escape, Lila gets bitten by Carter. They all still make it out (except for Nichole), but Lila is infected.

In this time, they also realize that Amy made it through the turn, meaning she’s a vampire, but she’s not a blood-sucker like the rest of Fanning’s bunch.

THE PASSAGE: Saniyya Sidney in the special two-hour “Stay in the Light / Last Lesson” season finale episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday March 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. CR: Erika Doss / FOX.

Brad decides he must rescue Nichole and get that antidote to save Lila. In the meantime, Clark is giving Nichole directions through the walkie-talkie on how to get herself out of the lab.

As soon as the doors open, she encounters Shauna, and they meet in their minds. Nichole tells her they could have been friends in another life and that she liked her; that’s why she was nice to her. Shauna tells her that Fanning wants to take over the world. They’re interrupted by Brad who saves Nichole.

But they are met by the rest of the bunch. They only place they’re safe is in Fanning’s cell.

THE PASSAGE: L-R: Mark Paul-Gosselaar and Caroline Chikezie in the special two-hour “Stay in the Light / Last Lesson” season finale episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday March 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. CR: Erika Doss / FOX.

Meanwhile, Clark and Lear fight over whether or not to initiate the Elizabeth Protocol, which will blow up the area where the virals, Brad, and Nichole are. It would also mean Amy would die because she’s linked to them by blood.

As they argue, Carter comes to Amy (in her mind) and tells her that she knows what she has to do.

She presses the Elizabeth Protocol.

The bomb will blow in two minutes.

In that time, Brad is able to find a way out of there through a tunnel, but Nichole knows they won’t make it out. In a total hero/badass moment, she makes him take the antiviral and holds of the vampires so that he can escape.
RIP Dr. Nichole Sykes.

Brad gets the antiviral to Lila in time before she turns, and it works! She survives – and so does Amy!

Wait that can’t be right. Either she’s not connected to them anymore, or they survived the blast. Unfortunately, it’s the latter.

They escaped, and they’re starving.

Clark and his small army of ten men try to hold off the virals so that Brad, Lila, and Amy can escape. “Stay in the light!” Brad yells, meaning, they need to stay in the spotlights so that the vampires are repelled away from them.

As they get closer to the road, Fanning snatches Amy and attempts to kill her. But her eyes change amber, and she sees the future. With scorched earth as a backdrop, Amy cuts her hand and feeds Fanning, who is wrapped in a charcoal blanket, her blood. He’s reminiscent of Voldemort in Harry Potter before he has fully re-formed in The Goblet of Fire.

Fanning saw the vision too and let her go.

The three are able to escape to the road where Lacy pulls up in a car. She gives them her car, speaks some Bible verse and heads toward the chaos.


That was the most random part. What is Lacy’s purpose in this story? I thought she would save the day, but really, she survived that gunshot just to give them a getaway car?

Clark isn’t doing so hot at this point. A viral hurled him at a tree. He evidently suffered a severe head injury, and death was imminent.

But Shauna Babcock finds him, meets him in his mind and offers to save him. How? We’re not sure quite yet.

And Lear? He’s circling the drain, holding a gun, ready to off himself when Lacy finds him. She won’t let him get away with that he unleashed this evil unto the world, and she is going to make sure he fixes it. He can’t get off that easy.

Episode 10: Last Lesson

The last hour of the finale has jumped 30 days into the future. Brad, Amy, and Lila are living in a cabin on Oregon. Brad is teaching Amy survival skills, like how to fish, shoot a bow and arrow, and build a fire. Amy isn’t eating but is hiding it from Brad and Lila.

They also still have the rest of the antiviral and are waiting for the CDC to arrive to take it from them and replicate it.

Amy also doesn’t eat food now, but it is hiding it.

Brad and Lila decide to go into town for supplies. On the radio, we hear that Houston is the fourth city to fall.

When they reach the gas station and convenience store, Lila is confronted with a viral; but he doesn’t attack her. Brad kills it. The son of the owner of the convenience store is annoyed that the virals are no coming into daylight. “Why can’t they stick to the rules?”

The son has figured out that there are hotspots all over the U.S. Brad figures out that each hotspot is the hometown of each viral. The only hometown that also isn’t a hotspot in Las Vegas, Shauna’s hometown.

THE PASSAGE: Vincent Piazza (C) in the special two-hour “Stay in the Light / Last Lesson” season finale episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday, March 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. CR: Erika Doss / FOX.

That’s because Clark, who is very much alive, made a deal with Shauna. He brings her bad guys to eat, and she doesn’t go out on the town finding her own food.

It works until the virals have spread from other places.

You can tell Clark is conflicted with his new immortality, but he’s crazy about Shauna Babcock. They finally do it. Thank goodness. It was getting ridiculous.

THE PASSAGE: Brianne Howey in the special two-hour “Stay in the Light / Last Lesson” season finale episode of THE PASSAGE airing Monday, March 11 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. © 2019 FOX Broadcasting. CR: Erika Doss / FOX.

Lacy brings Lear to a government agency so that he can try replicating the cure since he hasn’t heard from Brad. Fanning is still coming to him, trying to mess with his mind. He tells him Elizabeth blames him for her illness and that he will just keep defeating him, even if he doesn’t come up with the cure again.

The government agent wants Lear to assure the rest of the world that they are close to the cure. They have a skype meeting with China, Russia, the UK, and others, but they are convinced the US doesn’t have a plan.

The UK representative alludes to the fact that the US’s time is almost up.

Lila decides she needs to join Doctors Without Borders because she thinks the virals won’t hurt her since she has the antiviral in her.

Meanwhile, Fanning is also taunting Amy. He knows she only wants blood and bites their neighbor. The owner of the convenience store and her son show up at the cabin because they saw the neighbor’s car abandoned on the side of the road. Amy sees the guy outside of the cabin.

Brad goes to kill the guy before he turns, but he instead turns and bites Brad.

Amy is hysterical. The convenience store lady and her son want to kill Brad before he turns, but Amy can’t bear it, so she kills them. She uses the last of the antiviral to save Brad. And before he wakes up, she writes a “Dear John” note to him, saying she doesn’t want him to look at her as a monster and that she has to go.

Just as she’s leaving, she looks up and sees the nuclear bombs flying over her, coming to wipe out the US.

Just when you think it’s over, we get a flashforward of 97 years in the future. Amy is still young, although her hair is super long. She’s killing vampires with a bow and arrow.
So, is this the end of The Passage? It wasn’t meant to be a mini-series. But it also hasn’t been picked up for a second season yet.

Rumor has it if it does get picked up, the show will pick up 97 years in the future. We know Amy is still alive, and Shauna and Clark should be, too.

But what about Brad?

I’ve said it from the beginning, Amy and Brad’s onscreen chemistry is the best of the series. I can’t imagine the show without him. So, I’m thinking with Brad having the antiviral; he’s now immortal as well. He has to be, right?

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I hope so. And I hope this unique series is picked up for another season.

What did you think of The Passage?

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