The Passage season 1, episode 8 recap: You are not that girl anymore


With only one episode left before next week’s season finale, the end of the world is growing closer. Will Amy be the key to saving it?

The Passage is nearing the end of its season, and the pace of the show doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The end of the world (as they know it) is upon them, and everyone is on the move. Some are trying to carry out their plan, and others are trying to stop it from hatching.

Episode 8 starts where Episode 7 left off.

It’s the perfect opportunity for Fanning to recruit Amy to be the twelfth in their vampire pack. They need twelve, but we still don’t know why.

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Amy gives him the silent treatment and doesn’t fall for his manipulation.

While all this is happening, Amy is beginning to show signs of turning. She has a fever and is sweating at the same time. She’s in and out of a hallucinatory state. And because of this, Horace has decided to move her into a cell next to the other virals.

She wakes up in the clear cell, surrounded by vampires, terrified.

Horace has also relieved all of Project Noah of their duties, and that includes Clark and Nichole. But these two or pretty resourceful. And with the addition of Brad and Lila, the fearless foursome begins Operation: Rescue Amy.

They take Horace hostage. Brad goes right to be with Amy in the cell, tries to cut her loose, but she knows that she could turn at any moment and begs him to keep her tied up. Nichole and Lila run to the lab to work on a new anti-viral medication to prevent Amy from turning.

Clark finds Grey destroying the building’s communication system. Grey has completely turned over to the dark side and is acting as an instrument of Fanning. But Clark doesn’t understand why Grey is even loose after injecting Elizabeth with the virus.

It turns out, the reason Horace is acting so reckless is that he was taking orders from one of the virals. I just want to shake my head at all of these people.

Amy ends up getting sicker and sicker. She even loses a tooth (like the others did).

She eventually is back visiting with Fanning (in her mind). She’s come to a crossroad. Fanning tells her if she goes through this tunnel, she’ll become viral, but if not, she will die.

She thinks of her mom who said she’s like the sun. She thinks of Brad. And she turns around. She’d rather die than hurt people. But instead of her dying, she wakes up.

As all this is going on, Nichole’s idea for “changing the locks on Amy’s cells” works but gets locked in the lab by Grey, who has escaped in the most demented and gruesome way possible. Grey also knocked Lila out.

Grey let’s all of the virals lose, saying “here we go!” What a creep.

And just as the virals chase Brad and Amy through the doors, Amy’s eyes turn amber, just like the virals.

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Is she now one of them?

We’ll see next week during the season finale.

Other little tidbits:

  • Each viral gets one person to keep safe. Fanning tells Amy that Brad can be her person.
  • Shauna’s person is clearly Clark. She continues to try to manipulate him, and we finally get to see them kiss (in their minds, of course). But he tells her he’s willing to kill her if he has to.
  • Lacey is on the move. She got in a truck and is on her way to Project Noah. We know they kept her alive for some reason, so I can’t wait to see what role she plays in saving the world.

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