Deadly Class season 1, episode 9 recap: Kids of the Black Hole


Deadly Class prepares for the final showdown on the penultimate episode.

“Kids of the Black Hole” very much feels like an hour dedicated to setting the scene for the next episode. Unlike last week’s episodeDeadly Class does make some big character strides to prepare for the finale. While Marcus and Saya could have extended their will-they-won’t-they tension into next season, the payoff of Lin’s side story this season definitely delivers in the closing minutes of this episode.

Recruiting Some Heavy Hitters

After Saya scopes out Shabnam’s house to discover Chester’s group of hillbilly idiots camping out there, she reports back to the group to figure out a plan. They know they’ll have to act quickly if they want to meet Chester’s deadline involving Chico’s head. Maria, naturally, has the most to lose and she’s terrified of Diablo discovering what she did. Nevertheless, Marcus promises they’ll stop him before anything bad can happen.

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Marcus, Saya, and Billy go to recruit Petra and Lex when they discover they’ll need some explosives. Lex is the one who has the hookup for the kind of ammunition they need but he’s apprehensive. Meanwhile, Deadly Class awards Petra’s loyalty to Marcus by including her in the scheme. It’s a small moment but when she asks if Chester is the one who hurt him, she seems to have already made up her mind about joining their ragtag assassination attempt. With Petra onboard and some criticism from Marcus, Lex also agrees to join.

Trouble in Paradise

Maria isn’t having a great time this week, especially after discovering Saya knew about Marcus’ life long before she did. She’s understandably hurt and a little jealous her boyfriend would confide in someone else. Marcus tries his best to appease her and promises to spend the night in her dorm before their plan goes down.

DEADLY CLASS — “Kids of the Black Hole” Episode 108 — Pictured: Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

On his way there, he asks Saya to handle the explosives drop with Lex, who isn’t pleased to get all of the responsibility. However, she agrees because Maria is a liability if she’s not at the top of her game. Marcus looks into her room and watches his girlfriend cry as she downs a bottle of liquor. Rather than go and comfort her, he decides to ditch to help Saya out without so much as an excuse.

It’s interesting, but Deadly Class really seems to hammer home each week that he cares about Maria because her love is convenient. She’s certainly the safer option, someone who gives as much love as she needs. Is Maria truly in love with Marcus? I think she’s interested him in the same reason he’s into her at the moment. They’re just two people who are desperate for love, stability, and a family. However, Marcus has continuously chosen Saya at every possible instance and it seems like his heart truly lies with her.

DEADLY CLASS — “Kids of the Black Hole” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Liam James as Billy, Taylor Hickson as Petra, Lana Condor as Saya, Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

The Adolescents

What’s a better place to do an explosives drop than a punk rock concert? The group heads to watch The Adolescents since Billy already had tickets. However, Lex’s partner has zero interest in actually doing the exchange there. Lex agrees to take the keys to the comic book shop and deliver the goods while everyone else stays behind. Saya convinces Marcus to hang around, and the two have a great time dancing the night away.

They actually spend the night together before waking up the next morning half-naked and very hungover. Neither has time to deal with the ramifications of their actions since Marcus needs to get to the shop before his boss does. On his run there, he internally screams at himself for betraying his girlfriend and telling Saya drunkenly that he loves her.

The shop is full of impatient preteens who want to read their comics now and one won’t leave Marcus alone about his promise to sketch some heroes. In a particularly disgusting moment of Deadly Class, Marcus soils his pants and is forced to try to clean himself up in the bathroom. Was this just an excuse to fit in a nearly naked Benjamin Wadsworth? Nevertheless, his friends show up to poke fun at him before prepping for the mission.

DEADLY CLASS — “Kids of the Black Hole” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus, Lana Condor as Saya — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Who’s Supporting Who?

Last week made it seem like Brandy and Viktor had officially sworn their allegiance to Master Gao. However, “Kids in the Black Hole” reveals they were actually sent to be double agents by Lin himself. When Lin is summoned to the Guild, he tasks Saya with protecting his family during the meeting. As he arrives, his sister gloats about getting two of his students to turn against him while promising that he’s officially over.

A small smile clues in Gao of her mistake and gives her the edge when Viktor and Brandy try to strike her down. She manages to escape, trapping the three in a room with the remaining Guild soldiers. The three are easily able to kill them before Lin leaves to protect his family and leaves his students trapped in the room. Brandy seems unsure of their decision to remain loyal to Lin but Viktor still seems relatively confident.

At least one thing is clear, Shabnam is definitely not on Marcus’ side.

DEADLY CLASS — “Kids of the Black Hole” Episode 108 — Pictured: Isaiah Lehtinen as Shabnam — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

El Diablo Gets His Revenge

Saya isn’t able to stay at Lin’s house because it’s the same time as the group plans to storm Chester’s. She arrives at her friends’ side at the last moment with Marcus completely relieved and ecstatic to see her. Despite her talents and rough exterior, it’s easy to forget that Saya is just a kid. However, the consequences of leaving her post are undoubtedly going to be the darkest Deadly Class has ever shown.

Especially because this whole plan is meant to protect Maria. Since Diablo already knows she did it and Lin also covered for her, what’s the point of taking out F*ckface? That’s not a complaint about the storyline since the kids obviously don’t know about Diablo at this point. It’s just going to be more heartbreaking for Saya when she discovers that leaving Lin in his moment of need is far worse than whatever Chester could reveal.

Diablo is waiting at Lin’s house with his wife and daughter sitting for dinner. He promises to kill his daughter to force Lin to experience his own pain. Yes, he already knows about Maria which is why he doesn’t care about Lin covering for her. Showing off her own talents for fighting, Lin’s wife kicks out the chair before screaming for her daughter to run. The two parents desperately fight off Diablo and his goons before Lin’s wife is shot in the head. This heartbreaking moment gives Lin a moment to grab his daughter and take off into the night. Yet, Diablo has the place surrounded and it’s unlikely he’ll get far.

DEADLY CLASS — “Kids of the Black Hole” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus, Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria, Jack Gillett as Lex, Liam James as Billy, Lana Condor as Saya, Taylor Hickson as Petra — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

War is Brewing

It looks like Deadly Class will have two different fights happening at the same time in the finale next week. While Marcus and his friends fight for their lives against Chester, Lin will desperately try to protect his family. It will be interesting if Gao returns to play some kind of role with Lin and his daughter. Despite losing her son, she did seem to look at her niece with kindness. She’s said over and over again that their family belongs to the Guild, and her niece is the only member of the family who could carry on that tradition.

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Also, what will happen with finals? The kids are apparently on winter break this week which makes it seem like the big mystery around finals won’t be revealed until next season. While this show has had a lot of bloodshed, we definitely are hoping the cast makes it through the finale. Petra and Lex being recurring characters immediately make them targets to die in the fight against Chester. It doesn’t seem likely Lin would die but it would be pretty gruesome, even for Deadly Class, to kill off a young child.

What did you think of this week’s Deadly Class? Who do you think will survive the finale? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!