Opinion: Lori Loughlin shouldn’t be left out of Fuller House


Should she stay or should she go? One celebrity weighs in on what she thinks should happen to Aunt Becky on the final season of Fuller House.

By now, you have heard about Lori Loughlin being involved in that crazy college admissions scam, and it looks like Netflix will not be inviting Loughlin back for the final season of Fuller House because of it.

While Loughlin’s costars seem to be quiet about the affair, not all celebrities are holding their tongues.

Talk show host Wendy Williams had a lot to say on TooFab,

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"“She’s like the queen of the Hallmark Channel. Such wholesome programming. Is this the woman you want to represent you? I mean she’s a thief. She’s a liar. And dragged her daughters into it. … I was rethinking Fuller House last night. Alright, Fuller House too shouldn’t be canceled and I’ll tell you why. Candace Cameron Bure, she’s so lovely. She’s not stealing. John Stamos just had a baby. They’re expensive. He needs his money, and the rest of them are funny. It’s a funny show. So, what they should do is kill off Lori Loughlin and have the rest of them continue on.”"

Loughlin was absolutely 100% wrong in what she did. She paid a ridiculous amount of money for her daughters to get into USC. There are hundreds of kids who deserved to get in and didn’t. Not only on the education side of things, but it also took spots away from collegiate-level athletes who deserved the chance to row for a Division I school.

Kids are under an excessive amount of pressure today, to get into a good school so they can get a good job. Loughlin’s girls didn’t even have to go to college because they didn’t need to get a good job to earn money. And to make matters worse, it sounds like they just cared about getting into USC to party.

But do I think Loughlin deserves to not participate in the last season of a Fuller House as Aunt Becky?

Probably. But it doesn’t mean that’s what should happen.

Do I think she should be killed off?

Absolutely not!

Social media is a digital megaphone these days. We’ve become a society of “guilty until proven innocent.” Even though it’s looking like she is guilty of these crimes, I can’t help but compare her crimes to some other horrific crimes being committed by celebrities. I still see Kevin Spacey’s face on my TV. I still hear Michael Jackson’s music on the radio.

Yet Loughlin loses all of her current and future acting jobs. Her face is wiped from T.V. unless she’s on the news.

I have been a fan of hers for over 30 years because I have been a fan of the Full House franchise for over 30 years. I even was lucky enough to see her in person last summer in at Craig’s in L.A. People continually interrupted her meal, yet she was gracious and chatted with fans, no matter how long they stayed. (On the other extreme, Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson were also at the restaurant, and their bodyguard pushed every teenager away from their table. I almost got an elbow to the ribs walking by to go to the bathroom.)

Fans are invested in this franchise. So, for her to be excluded from the final season of Fuller House, sucks for fans.

Granted, she’s not a central part of the rebooted show, but we all love it when Danny, Joey, and Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky make guest appearances. Not including her is punishing fans. Killing her off will punish fans, not her. She may miss the paychecks and the missed royalties, but fans suffer.

And what about the shows on Hallmark that they took off the air. Those fans suffer, too. And so, does the production staff, writers, actors, etc. who lose out on their art being shown and royalty checks in their pockets.

Look, I get it, all those kids that didn’t get into USC (and countless other schools because of the scam) are suffering, too. And you can’t tell me USC had no idea this was going on.

I feel for the thousands of kids who lost a spot at USC because of what she did. But I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t take advantage of a situation if I had the means. If you want an even playing field for all kids, outlaw tutors and “test prep” coaches. Make students taking standardized tests provide identification before they take the tests.

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My point is, there will never be an even playing field when some parents have money, and some don’t. So, if Loughlin is sorry, let’s forgive her and move on. She’s not the first to try to use her resources to give her kids an advantage, and she won’t be the last.

Does the punishment fit the crime? I don’t know. Should she be left off Fuller House? She deserves to be left off, but everyone deserves a second chance.

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