Deadly Class season 1 finale recap: Sink With California


Marcus and his friends face their fears on the season finale of Deadly Class while Lin runs from his.

Everything has been leading up to Marcus eventually having to confront F*ckface from outing Maria and telling the world who was responsible for the carnage at the orphanage. Deadly Class certainly delivers an epic finale, with plenty of gory but well-shot fight scenes taking place throughout the episode. However, the real highlights come from the tension the series is able to build before any of the fighting even takes place. Sadly, as Marcus’ triumphs, Lin suffers the greatest defeat of all.

Plan A

Deadly Class offers a moment of levity before sending the kids into a giant house rigged to terrorize them with some jokes about Marcus’ scent. After that, Petra and Lex point out that the two might not be so keen on sacrificing themselves just to save Maria. Despite lukewarm speeches from Saya and Marcus, the two agree when Billy chimes in with some positive energy.

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Their Plan A is simple: use explosives to break into the house and take out this hillbilly gang one by one. Petra and Billy hang out back so they can come in with some backup, Saya hits the roof, and Lex and Marcus are the two to head in through the front door. However, the group is surprised to find the house completely empty save for some horrific decorating.

Lex and Marcus

Splitting into groups, these two get to cover the first floor when F*ckface and his friends come busting through ready to fight. However, they manage to snag Lex in a trap and separate him right away. Luckily, Marcus is able to use his version of Negan’s bat from The Walking Dead to take out plenty of the gang members. It’s actually some impressive choreography and kudos to the stunt team for a job well done.

Lex manages to get away from his trap and comes sprinting back so the two can take cover behind a refrigerator. Realizing they’re running out of ideas, the two take refuge inside and leave a stick of dynamite behind as a token of appreciation. The explosion takes out a few of F*ckface’s men, however, he escapes into the basement to promise more “fun”. Marcus isn’t willing to sacrifice his friends though, so he tells Lex to grab the others and get out of there while he deals with his nemesis.

DEADLY CLASS — “Sink With California” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Maria Gabriela de Faria as Maria, Liam James as Billy, Taylor Hickson as Petra — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Saya and Maria

The payoff for these two makes sense and has been simmering underneath the surface from their very introduction on Deadly Class. However, their fight seems like the only misstep in the finale. On a logical level, it makes sense that Maria, who is off her medication, would make an impulsive decision like let her friend get murdered after harboring a lot of resentment towards her for years. But their argument is spurred on because of Saya’s tryst with Marcus and it can’t help but feel like the show reduces them to fighting over a boy when the rest of the group is literally fighting for their lives.

They both suffer some injuries, with Maria getting hurt the most when one of the gang members stabs her. Billy arrives in the nick of time to shoot some darts at a particularly large hillbilly before he can kill Saya. The poison isn’t strong enough and he takes off down the stairs before Petra drops some acid on his head.

Tending to their injuries, Maria tries to rally to go help Marcus. However, Saya is finished cleaning up her mess and finally leaves. She’s tired of giving up her life to save people who are essentially just dragging her down. It’s easy to understand both of their points of view in this argument. Saya has put her own future on the line for both Maria and Marcus multiple times this season but the former has shown no gratitude. Meanwhile, Maria feels as though everything Saya does is to prove she could take anything she wants. Their lack of communication and resentment has come to a head which seems to signal the end of their friendship.

DEADLY CLASS — “Sink With California” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Liam James as Billy, Taylor Hickson as Petra — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Billy and Petra

Honestly, there was a big fear heading into this finale that one of these two would bite the dust. Both of them have become fan favorites, and Taylor Hickson (who plays Petra) has booked a series regular role on a different show. Thankfully, they manage to pull through (for now!) and even seem to tentatively head in the direction of romance.

When waiting outside of F*ckface’s house, Billy wants to know why Petra would tag along if she doesn’t want to die. While she’s been pretty apathetic about death in the past, she reveals that being so close to it has changed her perspective. Also, she admits that everyone she cares about is risking their life on this mission and she would rather be with them if they do die. It’s a genuinely sweet moment but before they can kiss the two are interrupted by a plea for help.

As mentioned above, they get inside the building to save Saya and Maria. Petra chooses to follow Billy’s way in rather than Lex’s and he realizes that she chooses him over his best friend. Naturally, he’s over the moon. However, they can’t linger long since one of the hillbillies has gotten the upper hand on Lex. Before he’s about to die, Billy manages to choke him to death and a terrified Lex hugs his best friends to thank him.

DEADLY CLASS — “Sink With California” Episode 109 — Pictured: (l-r) Benjamin Wadsworth as Marcus, Lana Condor as Saya — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Marcus and F*ckface

Heading into the basement, Marcus stumbles upon a literal house of horrors. He stumbles upon Shandy, who is locked up and yelling “he f*cks the dogs” which just seems to confirm every viewers’ worst fear. It doesn’t come as a big surprise though since Deadly Class has heavily implied this was the case from the very beginning.

Nevertheless, F*ckface gets the upper hand and puts Marcus on his very own talk show. Shandy does the introduction and gets to sit on the couch next to Marcus while F*ckface goes on a long monologue about how people idolize mass murderers but ignore the saints. It’s time for him to get his own fame and this starts with Marcus admitting he’s responsible for turning poor Chester into F*ckface but not the orphanage.

Marcus pretends to play the game before veering off-book to make fun of Chester’s desperation for admiration. He says the only way he can truly be happy is to find a family. In fact, Marcus convinces Chester that King’s Dominion can be his home and the two can even be friends. That’s all Chester wants since he views Marcus as the only friend he’s ever had. However, this is just a ruse and Marcus slams a brick into his head before making a run for it. Chester is able to catch him quickly but Marcus releases one of the dogs who quickly makes dinner out of his cruel owner. It’s a tiny triumph for these poor abused animals, but the scene is very reminiscent of Ramsey’s fate on Game of Thrones. 

DEADLY CLASS — “Sink With California” Episode 109 — Pictured: Benedict Wong as Master Lin — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Master Lin

In last week’s recap, I predicted Deadly Class wouldn’t go as far as murder a young child. Despite believing SyFy would never let something like that happen onscreen, there was a lot of tension watching all of Lin’s scenes. In fact, when he’s running through the school with his sobbing daughter, I genuinely got worried the show might cross that line. It was incredibly heartbreaking to see her hyperventilating from crying while Lin desperately tried to convince her to hold her breath.

Benedict Wong gets a great fight scene as he takes on Diablo’s right-hand man to protect his remaining family. When it finally seems like he could be beaten, his daughter jumps out to help her father. Lin knocks him down the stairs, and the two are able to escape into a secret door to Lin’s office. With bigger fish to fry, Diablo decides to leave but Lin has a new villain to face.

From exhaustion and his injuries, Lin collapses on the floor of his office while his daughter calls for him. Out steps Gao, peering down at her brother before triumphantly declaring he failed. She promises to take his daughter to the temple and do things properly. He pleads with her not to, claiming his daughter isn’t ready yet. With her eyes filled with tears of anger, Gao coldly replies that she wasn’t either. All of his fighting was for nothing, and now Lin has lost both his daughter and his wife. Hopefully the former somehow manages to survive whatever tests await her.

DEADLY CLASS — “Sink With California” Episode 109 — Pictured: Olivia Cheng as Master Gao — (Photo by: Katie Yu/SYFY)

Marcus and Maria

He manages to grab Chico’s head before heading upstairs to find Maria had stuck around for him. She stares at him before saying “All I ever did was love you”. It’s the most honest conversation the two have ever had, with Marcus declaring he never asked for her to do that. At least Maria seems pretty self-aware now that she has relied on someone her whole life and was quick to look to Marcus as the new person to depend on. Unlike Chico, Marcus was supposed to be a good guy but he wound up just hurting her too.

However, Marcus declares he does love her. At first, he was scared of feeling obligated to their relationship but he has grown to care for her. He knows what it’s like to be alone, and there’s a part of his declaration which seems like he’s desperate to hold onto Maria so he has his own person to hold onto. Saya wound up leaving him and Maria stayed, there’s something to be said about that.

Their relationship problems have to be put on hold when Diablo shows up just as they carry out Chico’s head. He’s horrified to see his son that way, and his right-hand man shoots Lex as the poor guy rushes out to his friends. The finale cuts out there, with the three characters’ lives now hanging in the balance. How did Diablo know where to find him? Shabnam passed the information onto Gao who notified the cartel boss. Did Shabnam know his parents were being tortured for weeks? He certainly seems like a more formidable enemy than originally anticipated.

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Overall, this finale was an action-packed ride. A lot of the scenes were reminiscent of early horror films and the song choice was perfect for every moment. However, it’s a little bit disappointing the show didn’t check in with Willie or have him come to save the day. Has he truly given up on his friends? At least he may have gotten away to a better life!

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