Game of Thrones theory: Dead Ned not dead?


There are some crazy Game of Thrones theories out there, and this may be the most insane. But didn’t the R + L = J theory seem crazy at first, too?

Game of Thrones enthusiasts are always coming up with outlandish theories. It’s part of the fun being a fan when you can discuss why something happens and what could happen.

This upcoming season has taken on even more talk of possibilities because it’s the final season. So, the biggest question is how will it all end?

One recent Season 8 theory said Littlefinger may still be alive. I really hope that’s not true.

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There have already been several corpse-risings, the biggest being Jon Snow. But this other theory says that one main, beloved character was never really dead. That person is…

Ned Stark.

His death shocked everyone to the core because he was the first-billed main character of the show and he was beheaded in episode 9 of the entire series. His death was the catalyst that set up the whole storyline forward. It also showed us that no one on the series was safe.

So, how could he still be alive?

According to two theories on Reddit, Varys saves Ned from the dungeons beneath the Red Keep by a faceless man.

The one theory posted by user XstarshooterX says that After Lyanna died, Ned trained to be a faceless man to protect his family. It would explain how he found Syrio Forel – a Braavosi – as Arya’s dancing instructor.

When his plans to overthrow Cersei and the Lannisters went to hell, he swapped identities with
Jaquen H’ghar, the guy who gives Arya three deaths and the Braavosi coin. So, the real Jaquen died, and the real Ned lived.

This would also explain how Jaquen took Arya under his wing and turned her into such a killing machine.

The other theory by user AleksandrSnow Syrio is actually the one who died in place of Ned. The user noted that in the books, Arya said the man brought before Kings Landing didn’t look at all like her father, and when Sansa saw his head on a spike, he didn’t look like her father either.

But here’s the most interesting thing, that Catelyn said Ned’s bones looked like that of a small man’s. Syrio was much smaller than Ned.

Again, how could this happen? The user said that Varys, knowing that Ned was their best chance at saving Westeros, so he talked Syrio to give his life for Ned.

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Then there is the Dead Ned theory, in which Ned, Lyanna, and all the dead buried in the crypts beneath Winterfell will rise when the Army of the Dead march onto Winterfell in episode 3.

I have to admit; this one blew my mind a little.

What do you think about these theories? Do you think we will see Ned again in some form?

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