9 Bold Predictions for Game of Thrones season 8

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Kit Harington as Jon Snow and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones (Credit: Helen Sloan/HBO)

6. Daenerys is pregnant with Jon Snow’s child

Yes, Daenerys is pregnant. From a storytelling perspective, there are very few reasons for the show to talk as much about Daenerys’ ability to bear children as they did in season 7. One of the most obvious reasons is that she will, despite her previous thoughts, become pregnant.

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This, of course, also sets up Daenerys and Cersei against each other nicely by putting both of their houses’ lineage on the line. (Setting aside the fact that Jon, Tyrion, and Jamie could still potentially father. It’s symbolism, people.)

Then there’s the fact that the Targaryen’s have been inbreeding for hundreds of years, which resulted in recent generations of Targaryens going mad. Daenerys tries so hard to distance herself from how awful her father was, having her just happen to become pregnant with her relative (and potentially ensuring future mad kings) would be the kind of backhanded win of which this show is capable.

7. Daenerys will win the Iron Throne

Now, you’re probably thinking, “wait, if the Unsullied and Dothraki get wiped out, will Daenerys still have enough people to fight Cersei’s mercenary army?”

Let me answer that in a confusing way: She will and she won’t.

She and the dragons with the North’s forces will be enough to sort of fight the Golden Company. But that won’t be the plan. You don’t beat Cersei with brute force, you have to outsmart her. And that’s what Tyrion and Jamie will scheme to finally do.

While Jon and Daenerys lead the ground forces from the North, the Greyjoy siblings will lead an attack on the walls of King’s Landing from the water. This time, with Tyrion (who knows the strengths and weaknesses from his battle with Stannis) and Jamie (who, you know, is a brilliant military mind and knows the Red Keep as well as anyone) on the attacking side, the siege from the water will work, allowing Jamie and Arya to get inside of the Red Keep.

Jamie will make it to Cersei first and will beg her to give in and bend the knee.

Meanwhile, Arya will take out the Mountain, a major name on her kill list. But when she gets to Jamie and Cersei, Jamie won’t let her finish her list off by killing Cersei. Jamie will imprison Cersei to be judged by Daenerys.