Killing Eve season 2 premiere recap: Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?


Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh return in fantastic form in the second season of Killing Eve.

The series has always been billed as a cat-and-mouse chase and “Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body” sets the stage for the game to continue. Killing Eve was largely a success last season thanks to the creative force of Sandra Oh, Jodie Comer, and Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The former two are still able to elevate every scene there in but unfortunately, Waller-Bridge’s writing is definitely missed in the premiere. Emerald Fennell does a decent job but here’s hoping Waller-Bridge will be back on script duty before the season is over.

Eve’s Return

Naturally, Eve is a mess following the first season finale. She’s shaking and terrified over the idea that she may have murdered Villanelle. Sadly, she doesn’t have much time to actually cope with those emotions. A cleaning crew for the mysterious “Twelve” shows up to scour Villanelle’s apartment and dispose of the old lady next door. Looks like both women are going to chase each other while they’re getting tracked down by this organization.

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On her way out of the apartment, Carolyn calls to demand Eve returns to London. With no other options, Eve heads to the airport (and grabs a huge bag of candy to snack on) where she prepares for a trip back to reality. Namely, readjusting to her life Niko’s wife and just a woman behind a desk. Nico doesn’t believe her “normal” facade for a second even though he is happy that she’s finally back home.

When she gets into the bathtub, Eve finally breaks down and cries. Niko comes in to check on her but quickly grows frustrated when she refuses to tell him anything. He storms out and she takes a call from Carolyn before agreeing to meet. It’s tough to get too invested in Niko’s character right now because I feel like we haven’t actually gotten to know him much. Based on Villanelle’s history, it also doesn’t seem likely that he survives the season.

Carolyn’s Test

Nevertheless, Eve heads to a park where she chats with Carolyn about what happened in Paris. She conveniently leaves out that she stabbed Villanelle and just claims the apartment was empty. That’s enough for Carolyn, even if it’s clear she doesn’t believe her, and the two go to a morgue. It turns out the note that Nadia left behind was addressed to Eve. It pointed her in the direction of an Alaster Peel, a man who apparently died from a heart attack.

After the morgue attendant, Carolyn, and Eve relax with some fast food, the three get down to business. Eve is able to quickly deduce that Villanelle injected him with some kind of toxin during a pedicure appointment which wouldn’t have raised any red flags. Now that she’s passed Carolyn’s test, she demands to know what’s really going on. However, Killing Eve isn’t about to give up her secrets this early into the season. She refuses to answer whether she’s a member of the Twelve until Eve talks about why she and Villanelle have such an obsession with each other.

Villanelle Fights for her Life

After barely escaping with her life, Villanelle is desperately trying to avoid the cleaners and bleeding out to death. When no car will offer her a ride, she throws herself in front of a taxi to get a free ride to the hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors are pretty suspicious of her due to her stab wound. Yet, Killing Eve has proven that Villanelle is a talented actress. She pretends like her “husband” is a detective on the police force who turned abusive. The doctor empathizes and promises to keep her visit off the record for the time being.

Luckily, Villanelle befriends a car accident victim, Gabriel, while she’s in the hospital. The boy is severely injured but he does try to help out the best he can. He gets her a lab coat and Villanelle proceed to go through the hospital stealing supplies and trying to scrounge up money from other patients.

Sadly, she passes out before she can make her escape, keeping her at the hospital for a little longer. She does genuinely bond with Gabriel and seems to empathize even when she discovers he can’t help her much further. His parents died in the car accident and the boy is ostensibly alone. Nevertheless, she does chat with him about how Eve stabbing her was actually a declaration of love. It’s interesting Killing Eve is going this route so early on. Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry between Eve and Villanelle is electric. However, it seems a bit premature to think Eve would switch over to Villanelle’s side in this fight. She is technically a murderer and despite her obsession, Eve does have certain morals.

On the Road Again

Before she leaves, Villanelle sits with Gabriel after he asks her opinion on his injuries. The doctors have refused to show him what has happened to his face. She gladly gives her honest opinion about it and openly shows her disgust. Turns out, Oliver lost an eye and his cheek will forever be scarred. The young boy weeps and talks about wanting to be normal rather than pitied forever. She’s initially annoyed by the tears but does offer him some comfort by saying it’s good to be different.

However, Gabriel isn’t interested in that and he would much rather have died in the car accident. Villanelle obliges by snapping the boy’s neck and laying him back down. Was this an act of mercy or a way to leave Eve a message? It is kind of amusing on Killing Eve to see Villanelle always get along well with children compared to adults. Their interactions here are reminiscent of why Jodie Comer was so funny with Konstantin’s daughter. Hopefully, this becomes a recurring theme however we could do without the murder part.

Using his death as a way out, she quickly gets on a wheelchair and distracts the guard. He sees a beautiful woman and assumes it’s fine so he lets her go. Just as security informs him of the description of the perp, he turns around to see the wheelchair spinning outside with a “LOL” hat on the seat.

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She’s on her way to London after hiding in the trunk of a family’s car. Villanelle is convinced she knows Eve better than Eve knows herself. Wearing Gabriel’s superhero pajamas, she’s ready to try and win over the woman she loves. Meanwhile, Eve is ready to try and save her marriage. Niko says he understands this is a job she needs to take and she shouldn’t have to apologize for that. However, all he asks is that she’s honest with him because not knowing is what is killing him. Will those two work it out?

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