American Horror Story: Ryan Murphy reveals title for season 9


American Horror Story crosses over into the 80s according to the big season 9 title reveal–which of your favorites will make it into the story?

American Horror Story finally has a title for season 9, thanks to Ryan Murphy’s big social media reveal earlier this week. According to a report by Deadline (and Murphy’s Instagram), season 9 will be called AHS 1984. If you’re a fan of 80’s slasher movies, then this season will be right up your alley.

In Murphy’s post, the clip shows a young teenage girl running away from a guy that is eerily comparable to Jason (you know, the killer with the hockey mask). The year 1984 was a big one for slasher horror movies specifically Friday the 13th, which according to Deadline was referred to as the “Final Chapter”.

You’ll be intrigued to know that 1984 also brought two other horror movies to the big screen–Nightmare on Elm Street and Children of the Corn. Are you starting to see how the title for American Horror Story season 9 came about?

So who will be returning for the ninth season? As of now, Emma Roberts is confirmed who will be joined by newcomer Gus Kenworthy, an Olympic silver medalist freestyle skier. American Horror Story veteran Sarah Paulson has not been confirmed, but given that she’s busy filming another Ryan Murphy series, we’ll get to see her at some point.

American Horror Story: Evan Peters won’t be in the next season. dark. Next

Unfortunately, Evan Peters will not be in this season, which marks the first time he will be sitting out a season of American Horror Story. How will we get through this season without him?! It’s definitely going to be strange without him, but hopefully, he will be back in the future (fingers crossed).

American Horror Story will return in the fall. Here’s to hoping it’s more exciting than last year’s crossover season, Apocalypse. Please?