Hanna season 1, episode 3 recap: City


Hanna reunites with Erik as he puts a plan into motion intended to free them both from Marissa’s relentless pursuit.

Hanna arrives in Berlin and makes her way to the rendezvous point. Erik doesn’t show up at the appointed time but arrives just in time to help Hanna dispatch some local thugs. He had to make sure she wasn’t followed. They catch up over breakfast and meet up with some of Erik’s old army friends – Lucas, Elsa, and Rudi – at a secluded location. They have a plan, but they won’t tell Hanna anything about it. Erik knows that Hanna told someone she was coming to Berlin, which means that Marissa can’t be far away.

In fact, she arrives in Berlin and leads an official operation to find Erik on top of the unofficial operation to also find Hanna. Marissa’s shady colleague Jacobs implies that their work together on Utrax still haunts his dreams. He’s vague about the what, but it’s pretty clear that they did some very bad stuff.

Erik and his army friends break into a government facility and steal a bunch of weapons. They bring Hanna but she stays in the van as the lookout. The police come across the van and investigate, finding a hole in the fence of the arms depot. Before they can report the break into patrols, Hanna lays on the horn to alert Erik. She starts the van and rams through the fence to go pick them up, making a quick escape.

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Erik reveals to Hanna that he used to work for Marissa. After the army, he was poor and had some problems, but eventually, he quit and went to Romania to start a new life. Marissa found him and convinced him to work for her again, but he doesn’t want to tell Hanna what kind of work he did. It was obviously something he is not proud of. It’s also implied that he and Marissa once had a romantic relationship, but he doesn’t go into that.

Marissa is informed of the arms depot break in and goes to investigate. Elsa is there watching and he tells her to follow Marissa and find out where she is staying. The break in was merely the lure to bring Marissa out in the open. She’s no fool though and knows that she’s been followed, which makes her realize that Erik is the one chasing her, not the other way around.

Erik meets up with one more army friend, Dieter who has started a new life with a wife and children. He doesn’t want to be part of Erik’s plan, but agrees to be contacted for emergencies only.

Erik thinks back to recruiting Johanna for the Utrax program. She was going to have an abortion, but he convinced her to sell her baby to Utrax. She was only one of many women he convinced to sign up for the program.

Meanwhile, Lucas has both money and drinking problems. He’s picked up by Marissa, who tries to convince him to sell Erik out, promising to help with his financial situation. He refuses, but she sows doubt in his mind about the story Erik has told him, starting with whether or not Hanna is actually his daughter. As the team prepares to put their plan into effect, Hanna is moody about being left behind and suspicious of Lucas, who she says smells of fear. Erik trusts Hanna’s instincts and decides to bring her along on the mission after all.

As it turns out, Lucas has betrayed Erik and informs Marissa about their plan and movements. But the plan has changed and Hanna is able to detect several armed men hidden around the area of Marissa’s hotel before the team makes any moves. Of course, with Hanna with them, the hideout is empty when Jacobs arrives to capture her. Both plans are falling apart. Marissa issues an international warrant for Erik’s arrest and reports a sighting at the bar where he is meeting with Lucas. Meanwhile, Dieter comes to take Hanna for safekeeping and Erik changes clothes with Lucas and escapes the bar while Lucas is shot down.

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Erik makes a big fire and smoke type scene in Marissa’s hotel, drawing her to him. Meanwhile, Elsa and Rudi hijack a police van and steal officer uniforms. When Marissa is drawn into the alley and finds Erik supposedly held captive by two police officers, she approaches with confidence and without caution. She is caught off-guard when the officers turn out to be Elsa and Rudi, who join Erik in holding Marissa at gunpoint.