HBO’s Barry renewed for a third season


HBO’s uplifting drama following murderous acting student Barry has been renewed for a third season.

Barry left the farm and headed to Hollywood to commit murder, and found himself trying to kill it on stage as well. Bill Hader shined, winning the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. Barry’s orbit of murdering misfits gave the show enough depth for a second season. Now, HBO has announced the award-winning show will have a third season of life.

Henry Winkler won an Emmy for his role as acting class teacher/director Gene Cousineau, who has a mahogany box under his bed. It has a .38 special with pearl handles, screened used from the movie Flashpoint. We learned this in the season two premiere.

Most readers will learn the sound guy won Barry a third Emmy, just now. It’s a fun show, with a happy song at the end of each episode, death or not.

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While the show still revolves around Barry, it has evolved into a ‘rich and layered text’ with a ‘myriad of lessons’ learned from all of the characters. Monroe Fuches (Stephen Root ) handles hit men, and cannot fathom any other source of revenue for his grimy lifestyle.

Barry just wants to settle down into something real with fellow aspiring actor Sally Reed (Sarah Goldberg).  and Goran Pazar (Glenn Fleshler) helped bring out the human in Barry.

Barry is all about finding humans feelings buried deep beneath the murderer he had become. As soon as Barry took those shots, as soon as Barry took those lives from 700 yards, he felt most alive while killing. Now, through acting classes, Barry will try to kill that part of his life.

The shows extended life comes from it’s extended plot lines beyond Barry. Anthony Carrigan’s work as Chechnian hitman with more manners than enemies, Noho Hank, really gives the show options for branching out in season three. It seems most of the main characters love their roles and will be sticking around, until the life  they chose catches up with them.

As Anthony Carrigan told Entertainment Weekly:

"It’s very rare that you get an opportunity to play characters that’s so multi-faceted, with so much personality, and so much of its own unique style. And it’s really refreshing when that’s coupled with brilliant whip-smart writing. I relish in that."

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He also spoke to EW about what a delight it is to work with a cast of such talented people.

"You can just let the character just run free. And that’s a testament to how well it’s written. Working with Bill [Hader] and Alec [Berg, who created the show with Hader], it’s extraordinary, but also working with Henry Winkler, Stephen Root, and Sarah Goldberg — everyone is just so, so good. Everyone brings their A-game, and it’s so wonderful. On top of that, everyone’s so lovely."

Are you excited that Barry was renewed for season 3? What do you want to see from the next season? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!