Black Summer season 1, episode 7 recap: The Tunnel


Spears’ true identity is in danger of being revealed as a pair of corrupt soldiers lead the supergroup safely to the downtown area toward the stadium on Black Summer.

Soldiers: After the heist, Spears and Sun outrun the chaos and zombies to the safety of a nearby warehouse. They still have one bag of guns and open them to check them out. Whatever Sun’s history is, she obviously knows about guns as she professionally checks the barrel and sights on one of the weapons. Weakest link my ass. The rest of the Black Summer supergroup meets them there. Spears is amazed to see Lance while Sun is concerned about William, who has activated an old injury and comes limping in.

Carmen immediately notices that Manny is missing and no one knows what to say. Their silence says it all. The group takes cover as a few zombies come running past. After some gunfire, a voice calls out that the way is clear and that they can come out. Its the soldiers from the roof, who are also the soldiers who had captured Spears from the beginning. They recognize each other, of course, but keep those details to themselves. The soldiers offer to take the group through the warehouses toward downtown and the stadium. Rose thanks them and agrees for the group.

Sleep: They find a place to camp down for a few hours and get some rest while the bomber pilots do their work outside. It won’t be safe to go out until they finished. Spears and the soldiers interact tensely, accusing each other in coded passive aggressive comments. The soldiers give some background about the spread of the infection. Denver was the first to go black, followed by most other densely populated urban areas. The evacuation will take people to remote areas like Alaska or islands like Cuba. Sun has an emotional monologue that obviously no one can understand, but they all understand the feeling behind it. They all settle down for the night with the soldiers on watch.

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Passage: Rose awakes sometime later and notices Spears and the soldiers are missing. She goes in search of them and finds Spears being led at gunpoint down a dark passage. The soldiers claim that Spears is a criminal and that they’re just carrying out justice. Spears tries to tell Rose that the soldiers are lying, that he’s not who they say he is and that they’re not who they say they are either. They just want loot. In the end, it doesn’t matter who he is or what he did in the past because he’s been there for Rose when it mattered. Rose shoots the soldiers in the head and rescues Spears.

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Sunrise: Rose and Spears come back to the group and they all gear up to go outside. Once outside, mystery man whistles and a dog comes running. Its the same dog that shunned Lance. Mystery man leashes up his dog and takes his leave. He seems to have everything he needs. The group watches him go and then they set off toward the stadium.

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