Black Summer season 1, episode 6 recap: Heist


The newly formed Black Summer super group – Rose, Spears, William, Sun, Carmen, Manny, and the mystery man – infiltrate an underground operation to steal some weapons.

Stake Out: A couple of army guys on a roof hang out and play chess. Camping gear and food rations are spead out on the ground, so it seems like they’ve been there for a while. They hear a noise and see the new supergroup come into view, consulting and then splitting up into two groups on Black Summer. Rose’s group heads to the door of the building while Sun’s group takes off around the corner.

Decoy: Inside the building, Rose, Manny, and Carmen are seen on security screens. When the guard asks them what they want, Manny gestures to Rose and asks, “Like what you see?” The guard lets them in, check them for weapons – being especially handsy with Rose – then takes them down the elevator and into some kind of underground sex and drugs den.

Rose is taken into a room filled with various drugged out people and told to wait. She is obviously extremely nervous. Lance happens to be there as well, looking weak and drugged out in a bunk nearby. Rose doesn’t see him, but he sees Rose. The guard comes back and Lance witnesses what can only be Rose’s rape. Lance moans and cries softly, almost pleading, “No, please no. Stop, don’t,” but is unable to move to help her. He is finally able to yell out, “Stop it!”

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The Heist: While Rose waits in the room, Manny and Carmen let the rest of the group in and infiltrate the compound. Carmen and William go back into the den, while Manny, Spears, and Sun sneak in to get the weapons. They take what they can carry and crawl with their booty through some air vents.

Power: Meanwhile, William and Carmen weave their way through a techno dance party to the breaker room. William turns off the main power while Carmen takes off to do other things. With the lights off in a place like this, chaos ensues. William can hear shouts and struggles, then gunfire. He peeks out the door and sees a blood splattered woman rushing down the hallway. William escapes through another doorway but can hear the sound of zombies growling and people screaming not far behind.

Lights Out: Rose is meant to distract the guard but very quickly reaches her limit with his unwanted advances. She begins to struggle with him and before he can get very far, he is distracted by Lance’s shout. Rose sees Lance and laughs in surprise. The guard moves toward him threateningly, but that’s when the lights go out. As chaos ensues, the guard leaves to investigate. Rose helps Lance up and moves them quickly toward the exit as screams grow louder and the panicked mob advances from all directions. Its slow going with Lance all drugged up, but they make it outside and their mystery friend blocks the door and lights it up with a molotov cocktail to discourage followers.

The Bag: Spears does not follow Manny and Sun through the air vents, he goes back out the way they came and nearly gets caught in the mad rush of people after the lights go out. He makes it outside, blocking the door behind him, and makes it to the outer air vent where there is a bag of weapons waiting. From inside the vents, she can hear struggling and screaming, and while he has the weapons, he stands conflicted about what to do.

Crawl: Sun and Manny crawl through the air vents, but when the lights go out they can hear the panic begin from below. They rush as best they can, but eventually gunfire tears up through the air vents. Sun gets missed, but the bullets kill Manny and leave her in the air vents with a zombie. She grabs her bag of guns and crawls as fast as she can toward the exit. She is able to throw her bag outside, but gets grabbed before she can escape herself. She struggles wildly, holding Manny off until Spears looks through and shoots him down. He helps Sun out of the vent and they run to safety, but with only one bag of guns.

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Not Part of the Plan: Out on the dance floor, Carmen lures a man close to dance, readying a hidden knife. When the lights go out, she stabs him in the neck, causing the mass panic that follows. She calmly walks away with a look of satisfaction. Was that just part of her personal mission? Perhaps revenge of some kind?

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