The Tick season 2 episode 5 recap: Magic is Real


The Tick and Arthur discover that Lobstercules may not be their nemesis after all as Dot and Overkill find a way to track the Duke to his lair.

As Tick and Arthur continue to hit dead ends with their sewer search, the media reports on Joan of Arc’s heroism and wonders where they might be while someone else is cleaning up the streets. Just as they are getting comfortable at AEGIS and networking with other superheroes, Joan of Arc turns up to join the team. While Arthur passionately disagrees with this, he and the Tick have more important things to do than stonewall Ms. Lint. After all, they have sewers to search.

Ms. Lint apologizes to Frank for betraying him, explaining that she had to prove that she and Joan of Arc weren’t the same person. She’s now a full-fledged member of AEGIS with access to all its resources. Why not take down both her criminal rivals and the heroes at the same time?

As Tick and Arthur search the sewers they run into fellow AEGIS heroes Bronze Star and Supernumerary, who heard about their Lobstercules problem and thought they could help out. Team up! As they strategize their next move, Arthur gets snatched and no one notices. He wakes up in Lobstercules’ lair and comes to find out that the creature is being blackmailed into crime by Donny, who is holding her children hostage. Arthur promises to do everything he can to help her.

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Once Tick realizes Arthur is missing, Supernumerary tracks his aura and Tick goes crashing through brick walls to save his chum from certain death. Unfortunately, Tick doesn’t know that Lobstercules is an innocent victim herself, so he attacks her as soon as he reaches the lair. This leads to a terrible misunderstanding and Lobstercules’ ultimate capture by Joan of Arc. This is sure to enhance her social media presence.

Meanwhile, Overkill and Dot talk about her superpowers. Not only did she dodge that bullet, it’s like she could see it coming before it happened. DB scans the human floor lamp Overkill stole from the warehouse and might be able to use the brain chip to track down the Duke if they can remove it from the host. Overkill knows someone off-grid who can perform the surgery. They wake up the lamp to talk to him and ask for his help finding the Duke. Floor lamp Ted has a little trouble getting used to being human again and not a lamp, so he’s a little wacky, but he promises to do whatever he can to help. They have the chip removed and use it to track the signal back to its source.

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Superian appears on a talkshow to explain and apologize for the Devil’s Tower debacle, but he really doesn’t do himself any favors. Not only does his depiction of humanity in his monument resemble a “mortally wounded gingerbread man” but his behavior is arrogant and petty, calling his interviewer “a big dumb old gray-haired assface.”

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