Game of Thrones: Carice van Houten talks final season


Carice van Houten, Melisandre on Game of Thrones, talks about the final season and what her time on the show has meant to her.

The night is dark and full of terrors, according to the resident witchy woman of Game of Thrones, Melisandre.

But what does the woman behind the Red Woman, Carice van Houten, say about her character’s inevitable return to the series’ last season?

We last saw the red priestess at Dragonstone, when she convinced Daenerys to call on Jon Snow to come and “bend the knee.” She then had a rather ominous conversation with Lord Varys, where she said she would be leaving Westeros but return to die “in this strange country.” She also told Varys he would die here, too.

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And since we’ve only seen one episode of Game of Thrones’ final season, the Red Woman has yet to make an appearance. As a matter of fact, she wasn’t in the trailer at all.

That doesn’t mean much in regard to her storyline. It was “just unlucky,” that she didn’t appear in it.

But, if you’re wondering what her storyline entails, you’re not finding out anything from van Houten.

In a recent interview with Huffington Post, she said she is terrified to say anything, afraid she might reveal too much.

Is she satisfied with the ending? She said,

"“But, of course, you’re going to have some people love it and others not. That’s unavoidable, I think. The ending is the way it should end, as in this is what the writers [envisioned] ― the organic ending to their writing. I don’t think there’s a wrong or a right, really. It’s just what it is.”"

Game of Thrones obviously meant a lot to van Houten. But she hopes she doesn’t get typecast because she’s completely different from her role on the show. She said,

"“I used to play very emotional, even funny characters and this was the opposite for me. So, to be known for it is sort of weird since that’s not my palette that I’m comfortable with as an actor, per se, so I hope I’ll be able to show some other sides.”"

As far as the show ending, van Houten thinks it’s ending at a good time. I guess she would rather it go out on top than drag on and get stale.

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I tend to agree, although, I hate that it’s ending.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

Game of Thrones airs Sundays on HBO at 9 p.m.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment, Huffington Post