Veep season 7, episode 3 recap: Pledge


New. Selina. Now. The Veep motto we may never forget.

Veep has us reeled into every moment of this final season, and I have to put it out there–why the hell does this show have to end? It gives so many of us life with its sassy, blunt, crude dialogue, and it’ll be hard to find a comedy that lives up to it in the days after it ends. But moving along, Selina’s campaign is in full swing, and it’s going, well, not that great.

Not to mention, she has some hefty competition with Kemi running as well. Kemi represents everything young voters are looking for in a candidate which doesn’t bode well for Selina. Could this be the end of the road for her? Not if she can help it.

Running out of ideas, Selina does a very Selina thing to curry favor in her direction. What would this grand idea be? Calling Kemi a terrorist. Catherine is a pretty vocal supporter of Kemi and strongly advises her mother not to take such a drastic step against Kemi. This is enough to piss Selina off as she tells her daughter to “man the f**k up!”. Unexpectedly, “man up” becomes the slogan of her campaign.

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Selina takes this slogan and shoves it in Kemi’s face, pointing out that Kemi is just complaining. When she was in law school, Selina said she didn’t spend all her time reminding others that she’s a woman.

Basically, Selina walks away from the debate on top because all that she said resonated with the audience, and things are starting to look up for the Selina Meyer campaign.

If we wanted to, many parallels can be made between Veep and the political climate of the last presidential election. We won’t get into details here but it seems like the series is trying to tap into just that and placing Selina right at the center of it. It’s a bit jarring to find ourselves watching Selina and have a split moment where we are in awe of someone who is so horrible in so many ways.

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I’d like to give Indie Wire a shout-out for explaining this Veep episode so perfectly:

"All politicians are awful, but even if there’s a good one, the people will find a way to ignore her."


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