Veep season 7, episode 2 recap: Discovery Weekend


Selina and company head to Aspen in this week’s episode of Veep–will they succeed in snatching the mega-donor first?

Veep takes things away from Iowa and into Aspen for this week’s episode in which Selina hopes to get some donors. She’s in dire need of support and getting Felix Wade on her side would make a hell of a difference in the campaign. The group heads to the 16th Annual Discovery Weekend Welcome Chuckwagon in hopes of making this happen for Selina–but let’s just say things don’t go as planned.

It turns out Felix Wade will have a big hand in deciding the next President of the United States, and thus begins all the schmoozing from every single candidate in attendance. Wade is a hilariously odd presence in the episode as he represents everything politically inept with the system. He just wants someone to parallel in his demands and is willing to support whoever is willing to abandon their views for his.

The key to Wade’s heart? Just repeat the last two sentences he says to you back to him. This is a method that Dan uncovers, and we’re not all that surprised to learn that Gary operates the same way with Selina. But as the episode goes on, it becomes clear why repetition is so important with Felix. He can’t remember crap and constantly changes his mind on who he plans to support–Selina or Tom James.

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It’s a testament to the fact that Felix doesn’t even know what the weekend is really about. He’s just an aloof presence in the midst of vultures all hoping to get a bite of what he’s offering.

In an effort to get him interested in her campaign, Selina decides to go all in with an all-female presidential ticket, even though she wasn’t quite eager to do so.

Moments on Veep like those between Tom and Selina will be the ones I will miss the most. You want to know why? Because it’s when Selina is the most vulnerable and when she lets her guard down. She becomes putty in Tom’s hands and he manages to make her feel that once again on this week’s episode.

He gets into her head moments before she is meant to give a speech at the Marshmellow chat, and boy, does he know how to do it. Too bad for him, Amy catches him sleeping with his Chief of Staff, so that’s that. In Amy’s world, no one knows that she is pregnant and soon her morning sickness is mistaken for her being bulimic.


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When she finally tells Selina and Gary, they can’t help but laugh at the notion that she is having a baby. But we all know Selina isn’t exactly the supportive type, she doesn’t even believe that Dan slept with Amy. Speaking of Dan, he’s going through some sort of mid-life crisis and is starting to feel like he’s getting too old to live the life he does.

Veep puts a spin on the #MeToo movement through an unlikely character–Jonah Ryan. When an accuser comes forward about Jonah and says she wants to deny that they ever dated, Jonah decides he won’t have that. He wants everyone to know he dated a “hottie” and basically says and does whatever he can to look like the ultimate sleaze. Thus starts the #NotMe movement that a group of women began to say they didn’t date Jonah. In fact, he’s accused of “appropriate behavior”.

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As we all know, Mike now works for Buzzfeed and gets an unexpected promotion after his boss is fired for sleeping with Dan. From here on out, he is the deputy editor. His first piece of breaking news? That Felix Wade is gay.

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