9-1-1 season 2, episode 15 recap: Ocean’s 9-1-1


9-1-1 meets Oceans 11 in this week’s episode–and it’s everything.

9-1-1 is such a fun watch this week because it channels Ocean’s 11 in the best of ways, and does a damn good job of it. Things are always crazy in this world, but after almost two full seasons, we’ve become accustomed to it, or so we think.

The story starts off with a bank manager’s last day of work because he’s retiring. Franklin is ready to move on with life but before he does, there’s one last work-related thing he has to do. As the armored car arrives for delivery, something strange happens. The delivery man falls to the ground and begins foaming at the mouth, and moments later, the same happens to Franklin.

After arriving on the scene, Eddie suggests that a nerve agent may have caused this situation (something that will come back to bite him in the butt later). A hazmat team is brought in for precautionary purposes and anyone that might have been exposed is thoroughly washed down. In the midst of the chaos, the bank vault doors start to close because they’re on a set timer.

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The only issue is that Franklin is still inside so Hen runs into the vault and then gets stuck inside there when he grabs her face and doesn’t let go. Well, then. Does anyone know how to break through a steel vault? The team gets to work ASAP and makes sure that oxygen is going into the vault by drilling a hole into the door.

Desperate to find a way inside, Bobby calls Michael to get some help obtaining the blueprints of the bank. Because he’s a contractor, it’s something he can possibly hook him up with, and he does. But again, this will bite them in the butt later.

Eventually, the team makes it inside at the same moment that the vault company remotely opens the door. Hen and Franklin are saved, however, the delivery guy never makes it.

Meanwhile, the other delivery guy is still waiting around in the car, unaware of what has happened inside. He’s not allowed to get out of the car per protocol, but all the hazmat stuff and first responders are freaking him out.

The madness of the day wraps up but so much time still left in this episode of 9-1-1, we knew there had to be more–and there was. The authorities come rushing into the station claiming that money was missing from the vault, and the station is their biggest suspect. It doesn’t help that the money is actually found hidden with the firetruck. We know our team didn’t do it, so what happened?

Remember when I said certain things would bite people in the butt? Well, this is when it does. Eddie is suspected for thinking it was a nerve agent, Buck is questioned because Maddie texted him that their money problems are over but she was referring to her apartment, and Bobby and Michael are the primary focus because they collaborated to get the bank blueprints. Understandably, they all look guilty.

However, the money they found in the truck didn’t come from the bank, it was stolen from the armored car. Say what?! Hen and Athena go back to the scene of the crime to see what Hen can remember and begin to piece together the confusing puzzle that has been created. Hen recalls Franklin grabbing her face and then remembers passing out. As she looks around the vault, she notices a bottle of hand sanitizer hidden underneath. It’s the same bottle Franklin kept using on his last day.


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All of this leads to the discovery that Franklin had something inside the bottle that caused everyone to have the reaction they did. So when the cops show up to confront Franklin, they are shocked to see him lying dead on the floor with a passport in his head. Clearly, he was trying to run but the diamonds that were found missing are still nowhere to be found.

This prompts a series of search warrants that allow the cops to look through the team’s houses. Obviously, they didn’t find anything, but we could have told them that. Things become a little clearer when the tox reports show that Hen had scorpion venom in her system. At that moment, Hen puts the entire scandal together. It was Marty–the man who fixed the team’s ladder. Oh, 9-1-1, you keep us on the edge of our seats always!

Okay, so here’s the deal.

Marty and Franklin were working together and were once related through marriage. Between the two of them, they knew all about the fire station and bank protocols, so they could pull off a pretty big heist without anyone suspecting them–or so they thought. While Franklin created the medical distraction inside, Marty stole the money from the car and put it into the truck to grab later. However, Franklin tried to screw Marty over and stole the diamonds from the vault and proceeded to swallow them so they’d have the perfect hiding place. But this is what would kill him.

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Crazy story, right?

Well, 9-1-1 won’t just end an episode like that and not give us more. In the final moments, the LAFD Captain shows up at Bobby’s door with some bad news. During his interrogation, certain concerning things came up regarding Bobby. He lied about what happened in Minnesota, and now an investigation is being opened into Bobby’s past. Oh my, this isn’t good.

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