9-1-1 season 2, episode 13 recap: Fight or Flight


Did Maddie survive her ex-husband’s wrath on this week’s episode of 9-1-1?

9-1-1 dives right into the frightening epicenter of Maddie’s kidnapping. After finally finding some stability in her new life, new job, and a potential relationship with Chimney, things took a terrifying turn for Maddie. But this girl fought like hell to get away from the man who meant to cause her so much harm and has already done so in the past.

Before reading on, please be mindful that the content from this episode is sensitive and deals with domestic violence. The episode begins with Buck arriving at Maddie’s to find Chimney unconscious and bleeding out. Just as the paramedics arrive, Chimney whispers a name that no one recognizes. Buck may not understand who has hurt Chimney, but he quickly realizes his sister is gone and there could only be one person responsible.

The name Chimney knows Maddie’s ex-husband Doug by is Jason, and Buck puts two and two together when he sees Maddie’s disheveled apartment. Buck faces resistance from the detective on the scene who isn’t convinced that Maddie was taken by her ex-husband. The scene flashes to Maddie and Doug in the car, and the sight of Maddie’s face is devastating.

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We’re not sure where he’s taking her but he’s angry over how everything has transpired since Maddie left him. He goes on to say that he didn’t want to kill Chimney but he did what he had to do. What Doug and Maddie don’t know is that Chimney is alive and not so well, but slowly on his way there.

We see flashbacks of Maddie and Doug’s relationship throughout this episode of 9-1-1. Watching Doug snap from sweet to dangerous is quite frightening and seeing the abuse unfold is extremely devastating. There is a point when their neighbors call the police after hearing disturbances from inside their house. Of course, Doug puts on his sweet face but the police officer isn’t fooled and offers to help Maddie out in any way he can. Unfortunately for her, Doug heard everything, and it doesn’t end well.

During a pit stop at the gas station, Maddie grabs the rental agreement and tells Doug she needs to use the bathroom. While writing a help note, she spots a window and tries to escape. Doug ends up finding her before she can leave but the suspicious gas station attendant comes out with his gun. Sadly, Doug takes the attendant’s life with no hesitance–he really is awful.

This is the last straw for Maddie who promises she won’t run away again and suggests that Doug take them to Big Bear. There are empty cabins there that they can stay in until they figure out their next move, or rather she makes her next move. Despite the state she’s in, Maddie is on her A-game and ready to put Doug in the rearview mirror, but this wasn’t going to come easy.

All the while, Buck and Athena use all their resources to try and track down Doug and Maddie. They track his cell phone (which he throws into a truck to divert them) where the truck driver reveals that his last location was at a gas station where he saw a couple. Once they arrive there, they find Maddie’s half-written note in the bathroom and the dead attendant.


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Thanks to the rental agreement she left behind, Athena was able to have the rental car tracked (luckily it had a tracker on it) to the Big Bear area. But as Maddie and Doug find a cabin to hide in, Maddie finds an opportunity to hit Doug and run out the door. It’s a thrilling and scary AF run for her life with Doug following closely behind. He almost gets here but she fights for her life and gets the upper hand as she manages to kill him.

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It seems like despite eliminating the problem Maddie may not make it–but she does! She pushes through and just in the nick of time, Buck finds her out in the woods. We told you it was a crazy, action-packed episode of 9-1-1. Things looked pretty grim there for a minute, but we’re happy to report things end up okay, plus Doug’s gone once and for all!

The episode ends with Maddie and Chimney reuniting after one hell of a start to their first date. It may not be the best way to start a relationship but it’s safe to say that they can get through just about anything from here on out. Plus, how cute are they together?!

9-1-1 airs every Monday on Fox at 9 PM EST!