Game of Thrones: This theory about the Night King leaves people shook


Everyone has a Game of Thrones theory. But some have a bit more credibility than others.

Here’s a Game of Thrones theory that will shake you to your core.

Last week’s episode ended with Winterfell gearing up to take on the Army of the Dead. The last shot showed Tyrion looking out into the darkness as White Walkers looked on at Winterfell.

Tell me, did you happen to see the Night King or his new ice dragon anywhere?

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Maybe they were hanging back. But what if they’re not even in the north?

A Reddit user, qp0n, claims that “the Night King is not stupid.” Why would he risk his most valuable asset against two fire-breathing dragons? He probably doesn’t like the two vs. one odds.

“If you have a superweapon that you can’t use against a particular target, then you find a different target.”

But what would his new target be? Kings Landing.

The Reddit user thinks that Jon Snow, Daenerys, and everyone will win the Battle of Winterfell. However, the Night King will have already created a new Army of the Dead south. The population in Kings Landing is arguably larger than his current army.

Another small fact the Reddit user says to back up his or her theory has to do with the visions Bran had back in season 4 when he touched a wierwood. All of those visions have come true except for two: the one where he sees the demolished throne room and the one with a dragon’s shadow over Kings Landing.

Now, that last one could be one of Daenerys’ living dragons’ shadows. But there may be a reason they didn’t show which dragon’s shadow it is.

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One last point the theorist makes is about Bronn being sent north, and the reason he’s going is so that he can let everyone know at Winterfell what’s going on down south.

I don’t want to even believe this theory because mainly I’m terrified of a Cersei wight. Or maybe this is where that “Cersei becomes the Night Queen” theory comes into play.

What do you think? I have a feeling we will find out if this theory has any legs at 9 p.m., Sunday night on HBO.

Source: Cosmopolitan