Veronica Mars is back and ready to save Neptune in the latest teaser trailer


Veronica Mars has an explosive new mystery to solve!

Hulu gave fans their first look at the upcoming Veronica Mars revival with an action-packed teaser trailer. Kristen Bell is back in the iconic role and will once again have to dive into the seedy underbelly of Neptune to solve her latest mystery. When someone begins placing bombs throughout the city, everyone will begin pointing fingers at each other as the violence escalates.

While the teaser does make due on the promise of a more mature Veronica, there are still glimpses of the character everyone fell in love with. She broods on a nightly jog about the death of her best friend, Lily, but can still easily dispatch an attacker with her trusty taser. Oh, and take their picture for Instagram so everyone can know who’s taken up the hobby of late-night robbery.

Fans also get to see Keith Mars (Enrico Colatoni reprising his original role) back in action as he investigates these bombings alongside his daughter. Gone are the days when Keith was begging Veronica to get out of the crime-solving game. With these two on the case, there’s no doubt the culprit should be worried.

Speaking of original characters, the teaser seems to confirm that Logan (Jason Dohring) and Veronica are still together after the Veronica Mars film. At this point, it would seem a little overdone if the show returned to the original love triangle format. It doesn’t seem like Piz (Chris Lowell) or Duncan (Teddy Dunn) are returning and it doesn’t seem like there’s a large number of fans clamoring for Leo (Max Greenfield who is returning) to date Veronica.

We also get our first look at JK Simmons’ new character, Clyde Prickett. According to his character description, he’s the new fixer for Richard Casablancas (the returning David Starzyk) and an ex-con. He can be seen paying off a man in a car and staring menacingly off into the distance. Undoubtedly, he seems like a major suspect in the latest string of attacks.

While not seen in the trailer, there is a large amount of returning cast members for Veronica Mars. Weevil (Francis Capra), Dick (Ryan Hansen), Vinnie Van Lowe (Ken Marino), Cliff McCormack (Daran Norris), and Mercer Hayes (Ryan Devlin). Unfortunately, there’s been no word about whether Mac (Tina Majorino) will be reprising her character and it seems unlikely Amanda Seyfried would come back even for a cameo since Lily has been dead since she was a teenager.

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Veronica Mars hits Hulu on July 26. Currently, it’s being billed as an eight-episode miniseries but we doubt it will stay that way. The series has become a cult hit and has an ever-growing passionate fandom.

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