The Chi: Showtime renews hit drama for season 3


Showtime recognized there is still fight left in The Chi and has renewed the series for a third season. The Lena Waithe inspired project deserves to see the story through.

Showtime has not ignored the Southside of Chicago, that much must be acknowledged. Showtime recognized that the Windy City had stories to tell and has decided to extend the Lena Waithe-created drama The Chi a third season.

Gary Levine, President of Entertainment at Showtime Networks was quoted on Deadline saying:

"“The Chi revels in revealing the beating heart of the South Side of Chicago. We, like our viewers, have fallen in love with these characters, and we remain eager to see where Lena and her fellow artists will take them in Season 3.”"

Season two is now airing and halfway through this season, there is the feeling of pending doom for at least one main character. Reg has Douda to answer to, and may not have the right answers or any phone a friend lifelines left. Brandon’s food truck profits may get diverted involuntarily once again, only this time Brandon has a gun.

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Brandon has not learned, and a third season would Jerrika room for her own development independent of Brandon. Her small moments of snooty judgment may lead to her moving on even if Brandon becomes successful.

Emmett has been moving on from one potential child support settlement creating situation to the next one. He could have a fourth child to support to start the third season if he is not careful. Eventually, the rare shoe and fake hair hustles are going to not be enough or will dry up completely.

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The storylines most certainly will not dry up, as long as Papa is around. The third season will give him another opportunity to own picture day. Kevin is trying to picture ‘if’ he will grow up while Jake is growing up too fast.

So now that a third season is assured, let’s slow down. Let’s enjoy the last half of this season. One cannot get ahead of one’s self in The Chi, lest the find themselves unable to get along at all. Just another victim of gun violence.