The Chi: Will Brandon succeed in this season of the hit Showtime series?


The Chi has revolved around the deaths of young black men. Brandon is still out here trying to serve up good food and live. He has the ingredients for success but has failed to conceive the dish.

Brandon (Jason Mitchell) was living the grind and hustle dream in The Chi. He had a spot on the line at one of the best restaurants in the city. He had a deliciously stable relationship with Jerrika (Tiffany Boone). He also had his family. Coogie’s murder changed everything, about everyone.

His mother was around, still had the family home. Cleaned up her drinking problems until recently. Her new love interest has been decent, once Brandon and he had time to establish an understanding. Keeping that gun and giving it back to Brandon should have been a sign though.

He was only deliberating the gun after venting after being robbed. He was only robbed after a day in a taco truck because he was fired from his job. He was fired from his job because he slept with his married boss. In his emotional distress, he confessed to cheating on Jerrika.

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The emotional turmoil has blinded Brandon from his story. Chef Amina (Lily Mojekwu) defined and described what a chef’s story usually sounds like and Brandon was at a loss, even though food helped him bond with his recently murdered brother.

Brandon still has not paid back his lead investor, even after the pimp’s weed is sold. He still has not gotten a permit. Jerrika mentioned insurance after the taco truck was stolen, but Brandon probably lacked the funds to follow through with that trivial bit of business administration.

Emmett is running Sonny’s Chicken shack the best he can but both customer satisfaction and daily revenues are decreasing rapidly. Sonny’s family needs the income, but not the headache. Brandon needs a place to cook that has a permanent address in the Chi, and a small support staff.

Brandon has the truck and some customers in the Chi that need his mobility. However, those special occasions and prime locations are too sporadic. Jerrika is moving up. Brandon needs to show he is past the first stages of grief and can provide some stability again, for his own sanity if nothing else.

Brandon needs to offer Emmett a way to keep his job. Sonny needs to enjoy retirement and can do so while his restaurant continues to produce great food. The means to everyone’s preferred end are just laying about the kitchen of The Chi‘s streets.

It takes ambition, innovation, and a tinge of desperation to spark some to their greatest achievements or moments, especially in the less fortunate locales of The Chi.

Jerrika is not trying to live near low-income housing forever, that much was obvious in her reactions to Brandon’s cooking in public. It was later clarified over a Brandon-cooked dinner, prepared for a higher class real estate broker.

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Brandon has a dash of each with sprinkles of charisma and a caring nature. To keep the rest of his life together, he needs to put all his efforts into making the best of a tough situation. His good intentions only factor into the equation slightly.

Brandon’s actions will determine his success in The Chi. He cannot do everything himself. He has to allow others to reach out and connect. Brandon has to find some understanding and acceptance in Coogie’s death. Then he can honor his brother is greater ways than naming a taco truck after him.