Game of Thrones: Could Sansa end up on the Iron Throne?


A Columbia University professor thinks Sansa Stark should sit on the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones based on her leadership skills gained throughout her challenges.

In a little over two weeks, we will know the outcome of Game of Thrones. The Iron Throne could be anyone’s – not necessarily Daenerys’ or Cersei’s.

How does Queen Sansa sound to you?

According to Columbia Business School professor Bruce Craven, the eldest female Stark (Sophie Turner) possesses the best leadership qualities and should be the one sitting on the Iron Throne in the end. The author of “Win or Die: Leadership Secrets from Game of Thrones,” Craven said,

"“She confronted horrible challenges. She lost much of her family. She was isolated. Yet, she managed to learn from very difficult, treacherous people and, at the same time, stay true to her values about protecting her family.”"

Such “horrible challenges” Craven is speaking about became a source of criticism this week, especially after a scene between Sansa and The Hound (Rory McCann) caused actress Jessica Chastain to tweet:

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Maybe the writers should have elaborated on that particular scene because Sansa endured much more than rape. She was engaged to a monster, then forced to marry a man three times her age. She saw her father get beheaded. She was manipulated and forced to do horrible things. She watched her aunt get murdered. Her life was threatened multiple times.

To whittle down Sansa’s character to just a rape victim is simplifying the horrendous deal this woman has been through for ten years. No, a woman doesn’t need to be victimized to become a butterfly, but her character is an example of someone who overcame an abhorrent amount of challenges in her life. She kept surviving. She kept learning.

And she’s turned her many, many lemons into lemonade.

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So, the experts think Sansa belongs on the throne, but what do the fans say?

On Reddit’s subreddit Game of Thrones page, 61.1k think Sansa will take the throne, doubling since the season started. So, maybe fans are recognizing the leadership qualities Craven sees in her.

Who do you think will end up on the Iron Throne?

The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones airs Sunday at 9 p.m on HBO.

Source: CNBC