Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part 2, episode 1 recap: Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back! How will Sabrina handle her half mortal, half witch life this time around?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina part two premiered nearly a month ago, but we’ve taken our time to discuss and break down what was a very interesting second season er part to the story. As a quick recap, Sabrina officially signed the Book of the Beast so that brings up the question–now what?

Well, for one thing, she wants to make sure her friends, specifically mortal friends, are safe and sound from her other life. Having given herself over officially, she fears for their safety. This prompts Sabrina to make a difficult but what she deems necessary decision–go to the Academy of Unseen Arts full-time. Of course, Ms. Wardwell is happy to oblige to Sabrina’s request, given that it’s actually Lilith who resides inside of her.

We find Sabrina at a weird but interesting crossroads in the part two premiere because her concern for her mortal friends is extreme, but at the same time, she wants to fully embrace being the biggest, baddest witch around. She has her goals but she also hopes to bring them about in a way that’s suitable for everyone. Good luck with that, girlfriend.

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After arriving at the Academy, things are quite abuzz with Zelda taking over for Constance Blackwood and Father Blackwood preparing for the top boy elections. But hey wait, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina has a bone to pick with the Father, why is it just top boy, why not top girl, or both? Sabrina isn’t afraid to voice her opinion and believes it should be a position offered to both genders.

She ultimately joins the election, running against Nicholas Scratch (what a hottie!). Of course, Father Blackwood is not about this gender equality life and is willing to go to great lengths to ensure Sabrina loses.

Meanwhile, Sabrina is off studying for the trials she must participate in but is running into a slight problem. There seem to be demons haunting her, and as a result of having to thwart them off three times, she doesn’t get much time to brush up on the trials.

In a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina plot twist we didn’t see coming, Sabrina gets help from the most unlikely places–Prudence. She agrees to help Sabrina out because she has a bone to pick with Father Blackwood who refuses to give Prudence his name. With the help of the Weird Sisters, all the answers are placed into Sabrina’s head but unfortunately for them, Father Blackwood is not a fool and catches them cheating.

While Sabrina deals with her witch life, things on the mortal side of the world are just as complicated. Susie officially comes out and asks that everyone refer to him as Theo from now on. Kudos to Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for bringing in some LGTBQ representation this season! While Theo has the support of family and friends, it’s not so easy at school. He wants to try out for the basketball team, but the boys are not having it, that is until Ms. Wardwell has something to say about it.

During tryouts, Sabrina makes the magic happen and helps Theo make every shot. We’re not entirely sure how Theo would go on to play without Sabrina’s help, but it’s the thought that counts! Back at the Academy, Sabrina talks to Nicholas about the demons that have been following her and she learns that they are the three Lords of Plague, and most likely summoned by someone powerful, you know like Father Blackwood. Ugh, that jerk!

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For the final trial, Nicholas and Sabrina join forces to summon the demons who don’t have much to say except that they don’t answer to Sabrina. Before vanishing, they simply say Sabrina cannot ascend, whatever that might mean. But before they can complete their thought, the demons are sent away.

In another plot twist, Father Blackwood decides to name Ambrose as the top boy, completely ignoring both Nicholas and Sabrina. We see you, Father Blackwood, and we don’t like what you’re trying to do.