Legion: New season 3 teaser promises a mission through time


Legion is about to take a trip through time.

FX released a short teaser today which previews the main season 3 adventure: time travel. Yes, it seems like Legion will take a look back throughout its three-season run before the series finale this summer.

The video gives us our first real look at the new mutant Switch, played by Lauren Tsai, and her powers. Originally, Switch was only revealed to have a “secret ability” which would help David enact whatever his plan would be this season. However, now it seems confirmed that she has some sort of ability to travel in time.

However, her powers don’t seem to be so cut in dry. In typical Legion fashion, her time travel abilities seem to be limited to when she travels to “this place”. The teaser shows her walking down a hallway with a “2 hours sign” as she reveals that the place she walks goes in two directions.

It brings up quite a few questions. Is her mind traveling to this new location or does she physically transport herself there? If it’s her mind, that would explain how David is able to come along for the ride. However, if she can just physically travel to a location which lets her time travel, that means any member of the mutants could join her.

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As for David’s plan, it seems likely that he would want to erase any perceived slight against him through the years. That would mean stopping the Shadow King before he can tell Syd the truth, prevent himself from destroying the world, and save his sister. Although, it looks like future Syd will be the one to kill David so maybe reuniting with her won’t be a top priority. We know he’ll also run into a young Charles Xavier so maybe he’ll just wind up convincing his dad to never give him up for adoption.

Legion returns for its final season on June 24. Will you be watching? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!