Legion: Season 3 trailer teases the cult of David and time travel


The new trailer for Legion promises a wild ride in season 3.

While last season may have been divisive among fans, there’s no denying that Legion has become one of the best shows on television at keeping the audience on their toes. The series is constantly defying expectations, and the latest trailer looks like it will be another mind-bending journey in these final episodes.

Warning: Spoilers for Legion season 2 below

Viewers are immediately introduced to David’s new group of friends: a hippie-esque cult. It makes sense considering all of his former allies turned on him in the finale. It actually makes sense that he would surround himself with people who adore him rather than try to face the real world and the future.

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What David does want to deal with is his past. He’s on a mission to recruit a time traveler who can help save his life. In the trailer, we can see Syd busting down the door and shooting at him with a shotgun. Considering how things ended between those two, it doesn’t come as a big surprise that she would want to bring him to justice.

Many fans have been divided on how to look at the relationship between Syd and David. Without getting into personal aspects, it seems like Syd has a mission to accomplish. She knows that David eventually destroys the world and considering he’s currently hiding out in a cult where he’s treated as a god, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

Also, the character of Legion is often considered a villain or the very least an antagonist throughout the comics. When David is seen boasting about how he helps people open their minds, we can’t help but wonder if he’s actually doing that. Especially because Lenny has transformed into the Mad Hatter just after she spent season 2 slowly becoming a bit saner.

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Farouk is back as well but he seems to be on the side of the good guys for now. We doubt he’ll stay that way considering he only ever has his own best interests at heart. It also looks like Ptonomy is returning but as some sort of machine/human hybrid. Briefly seen towards the end of the trailer is Harry Lloyd as a young Charles Xavier with an early version of Cerebro. Could he be the key to saving the world?

The final season of Legion returns June 24 on FX.

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