Game of Thrones series finale reactions and surprises

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Surprises of the week

1. Bran the Broken becomes the King of the Six Kingdoms.

So, I don’t gamble, and I don’t read spoilers, so this one came out of left field for me. I understand now that it makes sense. One of Daenerys’ shining qualities as Queen was wanting to break the cycle of bloodshed over a throne. She may have meant she wants to “break the wheel” with her being Queen. But those left to decide the next head honcho agreed with her sentiment and chose someone who is unable to bear children or marry and who knows more than anyone else on the face of the earth. He’s not my pick, but I guess he’s the right pick.

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Photo Credit: HBO

2. Grey Worm has a lot of say.

I guess it can be argued that he was following orders. But, Grey Worm was in a very dark place those last few episodes. He had no business holding anyone prisoner. Yet, this small council of Lords and Ladies all agreed to ship the last Targaryen off to the Wall (does it even have a purpose anymore?) to never marry or have children. That’s it. The Targaryen bloodline will die with him. Thanks for holding a grudge, Grey Worm.

3. Iron Throne no more.

I never saw the melting of the Iron Throne coming. It actually upset me more than I thought it would. The entire objective was for someone to sit on it in the end. And now it’s gone. Again, I get it, but it doesn’t make it any less sucky to watch.

4. Uncle Edmure makes his grand re-entrance.

As of March 2018, the actor who portrayed Edmure Tully, Tobias Menzies,talked to CinemaBlend about whether or not he’d be back for the final season. He said:

"“The honest answer is, I have no idea. He’s obviously somewhere in a prison; he’s still around alive somewhere. They’re pretty stingy with their information, and I’ve not heard anything from them. I feel like they have so many stories to tie up, whether that’s a story they’ll want to go back to, I don’t know.”"

So, I didn’t expect to see him at all. And then he wants to be king. Always great for a comic relief, Edmure.

5. Robin Arryn returns, too.

Not only does the peculiar little Lord of the Eyrie return, but he also seemed to have gone through the “Neville Longbottom” effect. I was shocked to see how much older he had gotten and seemed to have grown into a handsome young man. Maybe Sansa will reconsider marrying him?