Game of Thrones: 5 characters that deserve spinoffs

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Game of Thrones concluded its eight season run, wrapping up storylines for all of its major characters. However, there are a few characters whose stories deserve even more screen time.

The reactions to the finale of Game of Thrones ran the gamut: some people were happy, some were upset, still others thought it was lame or boring. No matter what you thought, the finale seemed to set Westeros on solid footing moving forward while giving the characters left alive new missions in life.

Obviously, the following contains spoilers for the entirety of Game of Thrones.

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It’s easy to look at where all of our main characters wound up and feel like that’s the end of their story. But, for some, it feels like it’s actually just the end of a chapter in their lives. With characters opening new chapters, here are five characters and stories that deserve a spinoff:


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Aside from simply wanting to see more Maisie Williams being awesome, I have to know: what is West of Westeros?

Even if that’s just Essos (because, you know, they presumably live on a round planet), does that mean Arya will become the first person to explain to everyone that their planet is round? Or do they know it’s round, but think it’s larger than it really is? For some reason, no matter what she discovers on that front, I don’t see the stubborn old maesters taking too kindly to that information.

There was some speculation on Twitter that the choice to send Arya out West potentially turned her into a colonizer.

But, c’mon. Arya, while terrifyingly deadly, is an observer. She’s inquisitive. She’d want to learn more about any culture she came across, not disturb their way of life.

Unlikely scenario: Their world is flat and Arya sails off the end of the Earth. Tragic, but I’m still down to see it.

Infinitesimally small chance of happening: They’re all actually inside a dome a la The Truman Show and Arya breaks the fourth wall in a moment that changes the television landscape forever. The characters learn they’re in a tv show and everything breaks into chaos.

Ok, the last one was a joke. But, she definitely could sail off the end of the world.