Aaron Paul is here in the first trailer for Westworld Season 3


HBO gives fans a first look at the next season of Westworld!

Freeze all motor functions! The first trailer for Westworld season 3 is here and it looks like season 3 is going to show us what the futuristic real world in Westworld looks like while also introducing us to a newer set of stories.

HBO released a minute and a half teaser where we meet Aaron Paul’s character who is a cynical thief in the regular world, outside of the park. He’s disillusioned by the reality of modern society. We know what you feel like, Jesse.

As soon as his monologue about finding someone real ends in the trailer, he then, of course, ends up meeting with a wounded woman in an alley who is everybody’s favorite Dolores herself (Evan Rachel Wood), possibly setting up a big adventure for himself.

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The trailer did not feature any cowboy hats or any droids like usual and to be honest, it did not look like Westworld at all, at least not the Westworld we’re used to.

This looks like a whole another show, it does have the same vibe to it but it also feels refreshing as well and maybe that’s what the show needed after the bizarre Season 2 Finale which I loved but it was also very confusing and received its fair share of criticism at the same time but now, I can’t wait for the direction this season goes to.

Check the trailer out below:

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Alongside Aaron Paul as the newest addition to the next season, there are also some new cast members Lena Waithe, Scott Mescudi and Marshawn Lynch who will be joining the regular leads Evan Rachel Wood, Tessa Thompson, Jeffrey Wright and Ed Harris alongside Tessa Thompson who is also expected to return for the new Season.

Are you excited for Westworld to return in 2020? Be sure to tell us in the comment section below!