HBO eyeing Antonio Banderas for Westworld season 3


The Mask of Zorro’s Antonio Banderas could potentially be on Westworld season 3–say what?!

Westworld continues to trek down a path of taking season 3 to the next level with the latest rumor stating Antonio Banderas may potentially come on as a villain for the next season! Now, don’t get ahead of yourself as this is just a rumor (for now), and details and/or confirmation regarding this have not been officially commented on.

Nonetheless, this would be an extremely exciting addition to an already stacked cast and the recently announced casting of Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul. According to showrunners Jonathan and Lisa Joy Nolan, season 3 is going to be a “radical shift” and given the recent news, it is most certainly looking to live up to that statement.

The Hashtag Show was the first to report on Banderas and stated that if he is brought on, then he would play a role very similar to Javier Bardem’s in the James Bond movie Skyfall. Since no official details/confirmation have been released, we can take a closer look at Bardem’s character to figure out the type of character Banderas could potentially play in Westworld.

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Bardem’s character was a cyberterrorist that used to be an MI6 agent and seeks revenge during the plot of Skyfall. If we place that into the storyline of Westworld, one could predict that Banderas may play a Delos employee who wants to get revenge on the company for its wrongdoings.

Of course, this is all speculation so we will have to sit tight and wait to find out more from HBO. The third season of Westworld is a mystery for all of us, and where the plot and story will go is something we can spend hours trying to figure out. Based on the season 2 finale, the story has now surpassed the boundaries of the park and is out in the real world, so literally, anything can happen.

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Production for season 3 is rumored to begin in 2019, so we can expect the series to return sometime in 2020 (ahhh). Here’s to a long wait ahead of us with hopefully lots of exciting news headed our way!

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