Opinion: Game of Thrones’ final season wasn’t that bad

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Photo Credit: HBO

Stupid mistakes

By day, I work in communications. I know what it’s like when you create something, put it forth into the world, and then find out there was a silly misspelling or missed comma somewhere. It sucks.

So, I can’t imagine the way production felt when fans discovered a coffee cup or a water bottle making it into a few scenes by accident. It happens!


How many people had their eyes on that film and missed it? The president of HBO even watched it all and missed it. Isn’t that someone’s sole job to look for continuity mistakes?

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I was disappointed at the attention these mistakes received because it took away from otherwise brilliant acting and a brilliant show. The production crew worked so hard to build amazing sets and create innovative special effects, and all people will remember about it was that Starbucks cup was left on the feast table.

Coming to terms with that ending

How would I have ended Game of Thrones? Daenerys would defy the odds and not become the Mad Queen. She and Jon would rule the Seven Kingdoms together.

Arya would have killed Cersei and then convinced Gendry to travel the world with her.

Unfortunately, I’m not George R. R. Martin. He apparently gave David Benioff and D. B. Weiss the skeleton of the story, and they were to fill in the rest of the body. This means Bran would always have been King. Daenerys would always have become the Mad Queen. Jaime was always going to go back to Cersei. The North was always going to secede from the rest of the Kingdoms, and Jon was always meant to kill Daenerys and be a wildling.

It’s a tough pill to swallow because it’s not what I had always imagined.


If the storyline had been given more time to breathe, maybe we would be able to accept the fates of these people instead of feeling so confused. All the signs were there; we just weren’t paying enough attention.