Whiskey Cavalier “fully and finally” cancelled at ABC


Whiskey Cavalier is over for good.

Whiskey Cavalier fans were given a glimmer of hope this week when reports of ongoing talks to revive the series came out. For a moment, it seemed like the show may get another chance to do their thing, but alas, this will not be the case.

Showrunner David Hemingson broke the news to fans, as reported by TV Line, that ABC has officially passed on the series, despite efforts from himself and fans to urge the opposite. This comes as a total bummer for all of us that truly loved what the show had to offer. ABC has goofed if you’re asking me.

Whiskey Cavalier starred The Walking Dead’s Lauren Cohan and Scandal’s Scott Foley as a CIA and FBI agent, respectively. This unlikely duo came together with both of their teams to take down assassins and villains all over the world. The series would not have been what it was without them and the supporting cast of absolutely amazing characters. Ugh, they will really, really be missed.

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Unfortunately, Whiskey Cavalier was initially axed due to low ratings, but as has been proven in the past, these ratings are not representative of the entire fandom. Angry, hopeful fans came out of the woodwork when news of the cancellation spread, and it was that support that had ABC reconsidering their decision.

Ultimately, the network has decided to pass, leaving fans disappointed and hurt. However, we can always cling onto the hope that maybe, just maybe there is another network out there or a streaming platform that will be living to give Whiskey

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Cavalier a chance. I’m looking at you Netflix, you know you want this show!

The Whiskey Cavalier series finale ended on a massive cliffhanger, however, Hemingson has promised fans that if the show does not get picked up anyone, that he will reveal what would have happened if there was another season.

It’s a tough day for us Whiskey Cavalier fans, but, hey, at least we have each other!